How to Create Your Dream Wedding Cake 

How to Create Your Dream Wedding Cake

Usually, wedding cakes are served to the guests at the breakfast after the wedding and are the centre piece of the wedding.

  1. Wedding Cakes:
    Wedding Cakes are multi-layered and are decorated with embellishments, beads, and icing, reflecting glory of the event with a small image of a bride and groom on the top of the cake. The wedding cake is the important part in the celebration of wedding. 

  2. Informing the Baker:
    In case one has plans of having the wedding at the beach site or elsewhere in open, the baker should be informed about it. The icings may get affected due to the hazards of the environments. The baker would take care of safety and placement of wedding cake.

  3. Budget Wedding Cakes:
    It would be good to decide with the baker how much will be the cost of the cake and each decoration and added features according to your budget. Everything embedded in the cake comes with additional price. It is crucial to give proper time to order the wedding cake; hence you can avoid hurry with serving wedding cake on your wedding day.

  4. Decorating Own Wedding Cake:
    One can order a plain wedding cake and get the decorations from a retail store for a budget wedding cake. It is a trend nowadays to decorate wedding cake personally as the availability of the cake decorators may be limited.

  5. The Correct Taste of Wedding Cake:
    Apart from the appearance of the cake and it must taste good as well. The flavour and the texture of the cake itself is crucial. While selecting for a bakeshop, ask for samples of the cake flavours you like to order. 

  6. Ensure Cost of Cake:
    Cost of wedding cake depends on the design of the cake you need. The cake decorator's fees are on top of the price of the cake itself which one needs to pay. Enquire if the shop gives the free delivery of cake, as it will save money.

  7. Including Flowers as Cake Decorations:
    One can use flowers while decorating cakes. One can either select from artificial flowers or fresh flowers. The fresh flowers are a novel addition to your wedding cakes and they should be chosen with wisdom. Ensure that fresh flower is chemical free. The sugar flowers could be a safe option. These may be decorations made from edible gum paste having toothpicks or wire on them.

  8. Placing the Cake at the Wedding Venue: 
    The wedding cake should never be placed near the dance floor or near the heavy flow of guest traffic as the cake may fall down. Ensure the sturdiness of the table where you will place the cake. The area should be flying free. Too much heat during summer will cause cake decoration to melt; hence, a cake should be preserved in a backup place. 
Hence, set aside some moments for your wedding cake as there would be no better way to enhance look of your wedding than to having a nicely done wedding cake.


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