How to Deal with a Difficult Mother-In-Law? 

How to Deal with a Difficult Mother-In-Law?

It is not secrete that daughter in law and mother in law relationship is quite complicated. Daughter in law wants to establish her recognition and place in her family, while mother in law want to explain that they are not excluded. Even when they love each other their roles can be hard to understand. One of the hardest things from mother in law is being rude to daughter in law in front of his husband and children. They try to push their wishes and maintain the authority over daughter in law. And in laws think they were the authority of parenting skills and try to judge the daughter in law always in the rude way. 

Relation with your mother in law:

And interfering even in the daughter in law’s husband and wife issues and become judgmental. One quarter of the women describe that their relation with the mother in law was terrible and very bad and in some situations they try to go farther from mother in law along with her husband and children. And in some worst stress situations there are some cases of marital collapse. Mother in law always tries to conflict with daughter in law no matter what is the issue. In mother in law and daughter in law relation there is no new thing to say that daughter in law will be more stressful. They try to push their family traditions towards the daughter in law right after the marriage and will leave you stressful.  

Tips how to handle your difficult mother in law:

If you are finding for a conflict resolution with your mother in law there are some important things you should follow before arguing with your mother in law. 

  • You need to give yourself some time to evaluate the situation to develop the perfect game plan which is right to handle your mother in law

  • Note all the things out about your arguments and feelings of your mother in law in all situations so that you can tackle with the situation according to that

  • With or without empathy or sympathy consider from where your mother in law is coming from and watch her behavior may be with any small or large situation with herself or with her relationship like with her son instead of you

  • Sometimes mother in law is rude towards you is a kind of frustration for being disconnected from his son, in that cases your husband needs to take on the situation

  • Ask yourself whether your behavior and responsibility towards your mother in law is right or not

  • Expectation leads to suffering so don’t expect so much, and don’t allow yourself to suffer most live the coolest relation as possible and leave things negotiable

Things to do to engage with them

Unless your spouse needs nothing from his parents you can’t ignore them. So try to engage with them in their needs.

  • Don’t try to fake a relationship which is not there, don’t behave as they are just in laws treat them as your family as well

  • Be assertive and no need to be too polite and when things go wrong you have to be harsh and rude

  • Avoid stooping at your mother in law level be compromising to the situations instead of arguing equally


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