How to Deal with In-Laws and Parents 

How to Deal with In-Laws and Parents

After marriage you find new relations in form in in laws. They have a very important place in your spouse's life. So, they are related to you very crucially. They should never feel ignored or neglected. You may maintain an exemplary family harmony if you know the best dealing with in laws.

Here are a few ideas to make you strong in this area.

Define Your Limits

Your spouse the most trusted friend, advisor and guide in the life. Take his/her assistance in deciding the important issues and priorities of life. It may be related to family values, dinner and entertainment habit of children, family expenses etc. In setting the boundaries or limits, take special care of your strengths as well as shortcoming, influx and out flux of income and finances. Speak your limits to your in laws and let them know what you can do for them and the complete family. 

Respond Wisely

You need to understand the difference careful listening and responding. It is highly important that you give a patient hearing to the say of your in laws. You may not work as per their desire but if don


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