How To Deal With Passive And Aggressive personalities in relationship  

How To Deal With Passive And Aggressive personalities in relationship

Dealing with a person who has a passive aggressive personality can be an extremely difficult experience. The nature and reactions of such people are quite unpredictable and therefore, dealing with them can become extremely tricky. In many cases, it has been seen that people who are in some sort of a relationship with them, maybe involved with them romantically, married to them or are his or her family members, are not able to handle their mood swings and eventually they themselves get frustrated and start to behave in an irrational manner. 

Below are a few tips which can help you in handling these passive aggressive people in a much better manner and also ensuring that you are able to make good and healthy relationships with them. 

Understand the Early Signs

When we are in a new relationship, we tend to overlook a lot of things. The constant mood swings and extreme reactions of the other person are ignored in the hope that eventually, as the relationship will progress, the understanding between the two will increase and these extreme reactions will die out on their own. Ignoring these early signs is a very big mistake. It may not be advisable for you start making a hue and cry about it from your first date itself, but instead of ignoring it completely, you must become cautious and start to pay greater attention to the varied reactions of the other person. Once you are certain that the other person does have such a personality problem, you would be in a better position to break off the relationship, without causing too much emotional distress to either of you. 

Get To Know the Cause Of The Behavior

If you are already in a very serious relationship with a person with a passive aggressive personality disorder, then you have only two options before you. One, would be to stay in the relationship and yet do absolutely nothing about the problem, this would eventually make you frustrated as well. The second option would be to try to determine the reason behind this problem and use that to seek a solution for the problem. When they are questioned directly about the history, these passive aggressive people may not open up or be ready to speak about it, and therefore, one must try to find out about their past through casual and friendly conversations. 

Do Not Be the Trigger

Being in a relationship with such people is like sitting on a time bomb which can explode any time. Even when having a casual conversation with them, one needs to take care not to excite the too much, or they can even get aggressive with or may go into a deep state of depression. When involved in a romantic relationship with these people, it is important to ensure that you do not become a trigger for them. A relationship with such people can be quite dangerous as these people try to re-enact old power struggles in their new relationships and if they do not get what they want, they can get extremely dangerous. 

Finding happiness in a relationship with such people is very difficult and you need to work really hard to make this kind of a relationship work. 


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