How to Get a Marriage License 

How to Get a Marriage License

In many societies of the world, the marriage is regarded as a sacrament. It the bond by which a male and female member of the society come together for the whole life. So, most of the countries of the world have laws for getting the marriage registered. Hence, the couple getting married must have a marriage license. Here are few facts related to marriage license and the procedure to get it. 

Procedure to Apply for Marriage License

There are various designated authorities, where an application for the marriage license can be filed. These are authorities available in normally in each sub-division. At some places, they are called registrars. The applications are available at these centres free of cost. With the modernisation and up-gradation of the technology and system, the online applications for getting the marriage license have also been started. You are required to provide the complete information about you and your spouse along with photographs for completing the application. 

After sometime (the date provided on appointment), both the husband and the wife have to appear personally before the authority to get the marriage registered. 

The Reasons and Benefits of Getting a Marriage License

The marriage license is a very important document for both the spouses. If both of you belong to different titles (or castes), you may apply for the change of name/title after the marriage on the basis of the certificate. 

This certificate will be valid for the getting passport or visa for the other spouse, if one of you has got the same. Most important fact is that it gives legal effect to your marriage. 

It is possible that you are married to according to your personal rights, according to your rituals and custom; but that may not give you a legal protection. But, if you get a marriage license you will be relieved of many worries.  

Requirement for a Marriage License

The first and foremost requirement of getting a marriage license is that both the parties must have attained the age of marriage. The legal age of marriage for a boy is 21 years and the same for a girl is 18 years. There may be a little changes from place to place. It is expected that the persons after attaining the age become capable of deciding their good or bad and are independent in their decisions. There is no bar of religions, castes, creeds or races in respect of marriage. 

The other requirement is the both the spouses should not have previous marriage in subsistence. It means that they should be unmarried, divorced, widowed etc. In case of Muslims, a male can have up to four wives. But, this liberty is not available to women. 

When to Get a Marriage License

The different countries of the world have different laws about the time of getting a marriage license. In Dutch wedding, there is culture of getting a marriage license from the competent authority before the wedding is solemnised in the church. At other places, it may be obtained after the customary marriage. 


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