How to grow your eye lashes naturally 

How to grow your eye lashes naturally

Eyelashes protect the eyes from the hazards of the outside atmosphere by blinking if something goes inside too close. They are symbolized for beauty too. It’s not only in our country, but also all around the world, eyelashes are symbolized as major symbols of the beauty. Generally, men have smaller lashes compared to the women. Women frequently use fake eye lashes and mascara to make them look more elegant and attractive. Many cosmetics promise to stimulate eyelashes. But, there are numerous old age tips for making your eyelashes more beautiful by making them grow naturally in the following ways-

Step- 1 

As the hair growth of the body entirely rely upon the nutrition, that we are getting, so the balanced and the nutritional diet would lend your eyelashes look gorgeous as the growth of the hairs, fingernails and even eyelashes would be stimulated by the nutritional diet.


Olive oil or the other natural lubricants like- petroleum jelly can also be applied to your eyelashes to make them firm and strong. The right way is to apply during night and wash off it in the morning.


Apply the oil of vitamin E on your eyelashes with a clean and hygienic eyelash brush. 

step -4 

Brush your eyelashes daily.

Tips & Warnings

Clean your eyelash brush regularly to prevent eye infection.
Don't be impatient. Keep in mind that eyelashes are the slowest growing hairs on the body.


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