How to Handle Awkward Wedding Planning Moments 

How to Handle Awkward Wedding Planning Moments

The wedding planning is a mixed experience. Though, your wedding planner happily agreed to make all the arrangements as per your wish, you may face some situations when things will not be as per your desire. You need not to lose your heart, get panicked and take some steps that may result in unhappiness. Here are a few suggestions that may help you to handle such awkward situations of wedding planning.

Be Polite with Everyone

Your wedding planner is responsible for bringing the dream wedding in reality, ensuring the safety of logistics and many more things. But he may meet all the expectations citing one or the reasons. You are required to keep calm, be polite and patiently hear the ideas put forward by the wedding planner or the other person. Do accept the wise suggestions that may be less costly and great. Remove all the miscommunications and have a check on the arrangements. 

No to Extra Guests

Sit with your would-be-husband or wife and make a guest list. You may also involve other family members in preparing the guest list. It is quite necessary that both of you invite all your friends and relatives, but you don’t want to include a guest of your family member. In that situation, you need to honest and sympathetically explain that you are unable to include that guest in your guest list because of genuine reasons. The genuine reason may be of limited seats at the venue and you may arrange an after-party with those guests. 

Deploy Your Trusted Persons

On the day of marriage, it is not possible for a bride or a groom to see that that everything goes as per her/his plan. The family members will be also busy in various rituals. In this situation, you may deploy the persons to whom you trust; he/she will look after the things and have a check on wrong going. You may delegate your authority to manage the things too. For example, you may delegate your one of best friends to welcome the guests; other may take care of gifts received by you. One person of your party will look after the dinner and work in close liaison with the wedding planner. One senior member or elderly person of family of relation may be deputed to ensure that the all the wedding rituals go in proper manner as per tradition. Deployment and delegation will make every member part of celebration and his importance with you will be upheld to a great level. 

You know experience is the best teacher, but you need to learn from your failures. You must observe the things when you are invited a guest in the celebration or marriage of someone else. Take a note of everything and point out the things which are not going in proper manner. Mind here, my aim to point out does not mean that you must go and complain the host about things not going properly. Instead, it is meant by taking a note in your mind and correct those when you plan for your marriage.    


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