How to Handle the Case of Marital Unfaithfulness 

How to Handle the Case of Marital Unfaithfulness

If there is anything so awful, painful and heart-breaking in married life, it could be the case of cheating by the spouse. It is a common case that either of the spouses could be cheating on the other. Whilst there are equally or more painful situations like losing a parent, losing a job or your child becoming sick, these situations can be handled and they have certain solutions. But the case of wife cheating or having an unfaithful wife is a dreading case to handle and not easy to fix it.

How to handle or How to not handle?

Though easier said, handling a case of wife cheated a husband is a highly sensitive issue and should be handled with extreme care. Some very handy suggestions during cases like this are –

  • Don’t fall apart: The first thing to do after learning the case of your wife cheating is not to scream or cry, but to carry yourself and face the situation.

  • Don’t start any bad campaign: Though sharing the heavy feelings to near and dear ones shall bring some relief, it is very important to define this close circle. Else you can land up looking very bad.

  • Don’t quarrel in front of the children: Children are the spectators of all the action and drama that happens after realizing your wife’s affair. It is critical to ensure they are not told anything until some clarity and decision is taken. Also, only important or minimal information should be shared with them.

  • Don’t get physical: Though you can have real feelings to physically slap or beat her up for having an affair and shatter all your dreams, never do it. It could be very bad idea and also can end up in legal issues.
What can lead to unfaithfulness?

Sometimes it can become difficult to fathom the real reason behind such cases of cheating. Some of the most common reasons could be – lack of enough money or earnings, husband busy with work or out of station frequently, lack of sexual satisfaction with the husband etc. But, it has been observed that sometimes the availability of money and status can lead to infidelity. Under such cases, lack of passionate sex or adventure can lead to break up of better marriages.

Forgive or Break up?

One of the frequent questions to answer oneself is – Should I forgive or divorce her? This can depend on few aspects like – was she carried away by false news about her husband, has she accepted her mistake, should the kids be suffered by the incident? It is a difficult choice to make to survive the affair, but it can also be useful to take time and think.

It takes a big heart to forgive affair and carry on with the marital life. But, it should be thought deeply since it can be coming back to the mind often and gaining the lost trust in the partner is always a hard reality. Most cases end up in divorce since lack of trust in marriage can be the last thing a spouse can expect with his partner though they may not be living in a utopian world.


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