How to Honor Diseased Loved Ones on Your Wedding 

How to Honor Diseased Loved Ones on Your Wedding

The love, care and the blessings cannot be forgotten ever. The possession that we have with us in the form of loved ones is really the most precious one. And the ones which have passed away carry the same place in our life. The big day of the wedding can be commemorated to love the diseased loved ones in a very beautiful and symbolic way.

1.    They can be included in the bridal look.-

Real bride- jasmine proved that the memories are the most useful possessions by attaching the pic of her grandfather on her kalira to walk down the aisle. Some brides wear the necklace of them or their favorite’s one from the yesteryears to have a keepsake you carry with yourself on your wedding day. In addition, some people never forget to pin their loved ones pic on the sherwani.

2.    Honor them by offering and placing a chair empty around your feras with a bouquet kept on the top-

The love of your heart would be exhibited to all if the chair for them, which is specially placed near your feras, and the flowers which are their favorite ones are placed in the vase to have the feeling of special care for them. It’s a sweet gesture and makes you feel like you really remembered them on your big day

3.    The framed portrait of your loved one-

This is again the most loving aspect of the story, where the loved one is kept in the form of portrait and the presence can be acknowledged in a very beautiful way.

4.    Memory table with a portrait of the loved one, who passed away-

By doing so, you can have the honor that can make their memories alive in the hearts. The thoughtful memory table with flowers, leaves and framed portrait is the best way to make a particular corner a special commemorative corner that guests can go and light a candle on.

5.    Include a family recipe in your menu:

Did your grand mom make the best Gajar ka halwa, or maybe your late aunt who had the best biscotti? Include these as a recipe in your family menu and label them with your loved ones name. Turn a sad moment into something happy 

6.    You can Release sky lanterns in the air in their memory or have a candle light moment: 

The candle light moment or the sky release lanterns are the perfect way of exhibiting the honour and regard to all your great guests. The releasing of hundred of sky lantern in the night sky is the stunning one.


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