How to Interview Your DJ to Get Your Quest into Groove 

How to Interview Your DJ to Get Your Quest into Groove

There are many options present in the market, when you set out to look for a good DJ to play music at your wedding party. It is not just important that you select a DJ who would be able to provide you with really grooving music at the wedding reception, but it is also important that you make sure that all other aspects of hiring a DJ, like his set up, payment terms, etc., are also acceptable to you. In order to ascertain all these facts, you should be able to interview the DJ properly.

Below is a list of some of the most important questions, that you must ask your wedding DJ when interviewing him or her.

Do They Offer Written Contracts?

Asking for a written contract not only guarantees that everything that you discuss with the DJ will be provided to you, but it also shows the level of professionalism of the DJ. 

What Are The terms Of Cancellation?

Usually the selection and hiring of the DJ is done well in advance and therefore, there is always a small risk of things changing between the time you had hired the DJ and the time of the wedding, and as a result you may not be in the mood to hire a DJ for the wedding. In such an event you need to know in advance what would the charges for the cancelation of the booking. 

What Is Their Previous Work Experience?

It is important to know whether the DJ has played at any other wedding or not. The mood at a wedding reception is very different from the mood in a club and therefore, a DJ who may be really good when playing in a club, may not necessarily be good when playing at weddings. Thus, it is important to know whether the DJ has played at any other weddings before or not. 

What Amount Of Time Would They Devote To Your Event?

There are many DJs who play for very limited hours and therefore, while your party may last for five or six hours, the DJ may be ready to play for only 3 to 4 hours. This time limit is something very important and the same needs to be clarified in the very first interview with the DJ. 

Will The DJ Be Able Perform At The Venue?

Every venue is different from each other and thanks to this difference in the topography of the venues, sometimes it can become difficult for the DJ to perform at certain events. You need to inform the DJ about the venue selected for your wedding reception and make sure that they are comfortable playing there. 

How Well Can The DJ Get The Crowd To participate In The Dancing?

In a wedding reception, most of the people do not come in the mood for dancing, they simply want to sit around in groups, chat, eat food and leave. It is the responsibility of the DJ to motivate these people to dance. He can do it through his music or use his microphone to encourage them, etc. Find out about these tactics of the DJ.


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