How to Keep Your Wedding Memories Forever Live in The Hearts, Unique Ways to Display your Shaadi ki Yaadein at Home 

How to Keep Your Wedding Memories Forever Live in The Hearts, Unique Ways to Display your Shaadi ki Yaadein at Home

The wedding memories come with feelings of pleasure. The efforts you had paid in planning and implementing the same come to you as a smile on your face. Not only do you, but you’re your kith and kins get amazed by the sweet memories of the wedding. It’s your utmost duty to keep your wedding memories framed or preserved in the best possible ways. Here are given, super creative ways to exhibit these memoirs in your home tastefully. Don’t paste your fabulous memories on ugly mugs and ornate frames- just follow these plain simple ideas to make your house a home-

1. Save the first cork- 

The very first toast you had with your hubby during the cocktail night or reception can be the best memory to cherish. Create one beautiful darling frame, which can be embellished with the ribbon and then hang it on the frame. Keep this frame safe as you would glad and amazed to see when you would turn old and grey that you did…!!!!

2.  Beautifully frame the wedding stationary-

Your wedding invitation card, honeymoon tickets and other relevant process invite pieces of paper after the wedding hoopla is done. These simpler papers or piece of stationary mean a lot to you. You can have one fun box to shadow these memories to be placed in your bedroom to remember the craziness.  Even these papers can be framed also. 

3. Preserve the love messages- 

Some couples get a sign of guests on their big photo around. Afterwards, keep it as safe.

4. Elegantly place your choora in box-

Choora, generally weared on the wrist for around 40 days, after the wedding. Once it is off your hands, and then keeps it framed. You can also keep your other jewellery that holds the significance and memories. 

5. The haldi hands-

The haldi ceremony accompanies the ceremony in which the beauty of this very ritual steals the moments when the. 

6. Photo-Frames and Memory Walls

But with a twist! Buy a digital photo frame and load it up with stunning photos from your wedding. Decorate your wall with beautiful moments from the wedding in colorful frames. Relive beautiful moments each day!


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