How to Know That You Are Ready To Commit 

How to Know That You Are Ready To Commit

There are a lot of people who are scared of commitment, and quite rightly so. Commitment is a huge responsibility and once you make this commitment; there is no easy or painless way of retracing your steps. Therefore, before you make this promise of a lifetime, it is important that you make sure that the love you feel in your heart for your partner is strong enough, and you are yourself, personally, ready for this commitment. 

Knowing whether you are ready for marriage or not, can be a tricky business. Below are a few signs which can help you in understanding exactly how prepared you are for those commitment. 
Feeling Good About Yourself

Once you commit to marriage, you stop being responsible for just your life, but you also become responsible for the life of your partner and in some cases his or her entire family. The only way you will be able to fulfill your responsibilities towards others, is when you are happy from within and these responsibilities do not feel like a burden for you. Therefore, the first thing that you need to find out is whether you are feeling good about yourself in the relationship or are you simply happy because you are in a relationship. 

Dating Stories Do Not Make You Feel Jealous Anymore

If you hear the dating story of your best friend and wish that you were a part of that story, it only means that you are not happy in your relationship and are looking for something more. If such is the case, then surely you are not ready to commit yourself in that relationship and thus, you need to give your relationship a little more time before you take any decision about it. 

You Know Exactly What You Want From Your Partner

There may have been a time when you simply liked guys because they were cute looking and others thought that dating them would be cool, but today, if you know exactly what you are looking for in your life partner, then you are ready to commit yourself to him or her whenever they cross paths with you. 

You Do Not Need A Support System

If the only reason that you want to commit is because you do not have any other support system where you can share your problems or share your life with, then you are committing yourself for the wrong reason. If your partner is your only friend and confidant, then even a small argument with him or her would feel like the end of the world and you would always remain emotionally vulnerable and miserable in the relationship.

You Are Ready To Share Someone Else


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