How To Know Whether My Heart Will Be Broken Again In Remarriage?  

How To Know Whether My Heart Will Be Broken Again In Remarriage?

Divorce breaks the marriage at its core and forever! It is one of the most tragic decisions of life and definitely makes the person gloomy; for the life initiatives are lost and an aberration sets in. Remarriage could be a better option for the divorced persons who like to get back into the social order and want to have a second chance. But the inherent inconsistencies in the personal psychologies prevent the person from stepping into a new relation. The divorced individual carries a mind and soul that is fed up with the hassles and conflicts of a married life and for the same reason he/she has decided for the separation. This fact lingers badly in the life and thought of most and it is very difficult to tide over this. The mind keeps thinking that he/she could have the same outcome from the remarriage. So, how to get through this dilemma? Actually there are intricate and complex reasons that pertain to the human nature and psychologies. Let’s look into these. 

Is any self-modification required?

If you really want to know as whether your heart could be broken again in remarriage, then try to do introspection into your lifestyle and demands. It may happen that through an unbiased thought you get to know about the aberrant in your behaviors! These could have been responsible about the problematic relationship between you and your spouse. This should not be done as an authentic fault finding mission but introspection just makes the person aware and more vigilant. If the individual is trying to do remarriage and fears about this initiative then he could gain confidence by getting somewhat modified; in case he/she has found some irritants. On the other hand, it is not at all necessary that faults do emerge in case of every divorced individual! He/she could be at the receiving end. 

Luck could turn out good anytime!

Even after comprehensive and in depth analysis, it could be that god has not gifted that person with a beautiful and adorable marriage. This could not be known anytime as HIS wills are absolute and instant. One can never say as what are the next commands that are programmed in your life. But this should not be held as the reason to lose faith and attain a declining thought process in individual life. The positive thought should always rule and the person should try to grasp the social pace. If there are no specific reasons identified by you that could be listed as the faults, then go ahead and live the prospects. The past results in life cannot be defined as the precursors of a worst life scene in the future. It could happen that God has planned a new good life for you; a new bliss could be waiting for you! 

Seeking the experts’ counsels 

One more objective way to determine the future outcomes of remarriage is to make a session with the relationship counselor. He would guide the seeker in the best ways and would suggest the timelines that should be adhered. The expert psychologists are adept in reading the latent processes in the divorced individual and their recommendations are really practical. 


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