How to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Photos 

How to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Photos

No doubt, you are in the best wedding dress; the wedding venue, wedding theme everything is in its best form and the wedding photographer is capturing your every move in his camera. Do you need something extra for your elegant wedding photograph? Perhaps “No” But, be sure, if you follow these tips, you will look your best in your wedding photos. 

Keep Your Teeth White

Your smile will tell something more in your photos when you have white teeth. The guests will feel that you are confident enough. For having white teeth, you may get a professional cleaning of teeth done in order to get the plaque removed. Secondly, you may use good quality toothpaste. 

Wear a Smile on the Face

It is quite possible that you have undertaken a journey to reach the marriage venue and you are tired to some extent or facing other sorts of things. But try to wear a pretty smile on the face. You may practice it in advance too. Don’t treat it as funny. It will make you natural on the big day. 

Have a Hair and Makeup of Your Choice 

If you have consulted makeup artist, he will advise you about the perfect hairstyle and makeup for you on the big day. This will be according to your physical stature. You may take a trial for it and get a few photos. You will be able to see yourself and decide the perfect makeup for the marriage day. 

Decide the Marriage Location Carefully

The photographs come good surely in a good location. So, while discussing with the wedding planner, choose the wedding venue carefully so that the photos are coming perfect. Be sure that no special permission is required to take photographs on that location. The location or marriage venue should be easily accessible also. 

Have an Eye Contact with Camera

Whether you are busy in marriage rituals and thinking something else, don’t ignore the camera. Whenever the wedding photographer attracts your attention, look towards the camera graciously and with smile. It will be revealed in your wedding photos.
Stand Straight

Your posture at all the times must be good looking. Whether you are engaged in some ritual or standing casually; try stand always erect and stand. The camera will capture your correct body posture. Don’t bend unnecessarily and show your small height to the camera. Let your chin up and face straight in a correct posture. Don’t look as giraffe by overstretching your neck. After all, the question is to look elegant and not stressed.   

Be Natural and Normal 

The best advice is to be normal and remove all the worries of past or future life during your wedding ceremony. It is the time that never going to come again in the life. So, be positive, normal and natural. You are starting a new phase of life and you are being under regular surveillance of camera each moment. The photos clicked during these moments will be preserved for the years and you may not have any other option too look better in your wedding photographs. Be relaxed and enjoy the every event. 


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