How to Make a Gorgeous Flower Crown for Your Wedding 

How to Make a Gorgeous Flower Crown for Your Wedding

Floral crowns present wedding trends and getting much popular in coming days. The great thing about floral crowns is, they make big statement look, they are easy to make at our home and they are so affordable. You can make it with anything like flowers, feathers, berries etc. And can make them look unique. To make the floral crown on your own, you have to gather some materials to make sure your crown will be done perfectly. Floral crown are normally done on the basis of the size of your head. First size of your head is measured to make perfect fitting crown. 

Make a flower crown on your own:

Dress your wedding hair style in a prettier way with gorgeous or alternative to traditional flower crown with fresh flowers or fabric flower crowns. Loose and delicate petal cascade for the bride in the veil look more romantic. This crown looks like perfect bohemian look for the bride with side swept bangs. Especially for winter wedding the crown can be made with berries and pinecones to make your wedding day beautiful. Making of these crowns are very easy if you have gathered all the essentials.

Steps to make flower crown

  • You need to have thick floral wire, thin floral wire, scissors, floral tape, floral shears, wire cutters, flowers, fruits, berries, feathers etc. 

  • 12 gauge wire is necessary for the perfect crown or plastic coated gardening wire of 12 gauge is necessary for per perfect shape and liability

  • Don’t be so afraid of buying more flowers to make flower crown, you don’t need more flowers to make this crown

  • You can try them making with different types of flowers or even with the same flowers

  • Using greens will also be the best option before adding flowers you can add some greenery to the grown to bring little texture to the crown

  • Arrange the flowers from sides to centre and tie the nice coloured flower at centre, because it is the centre focal point

  • To finish the ends you can secure the ends by tying the floral tape or can cover the ends with the ribbon or else you can tie other flower at opposite direction to close all the exposed stems. 

Flower girl dresses:

In any wedding flower girl is very important who walks with the bride while entering the wedding venue. Flower crowns can be worn by flower girl too to make special attraction in wedding. There are many different options for flower girl. The communion dress is available in many online stores. You can choose the girls dress same as the brides dress or else can choose the different one in any type or any colour option. A- line, ball gown, mermaid dress types are available for flower girl. 

  • Flower girls dresses are mainly selected in white, ivory, soft white or silver colour or else one can choose in their personal choice. There are large variety of colour options available for flower girls

  • Wide variety of cheap flower girl dresses is available in many online stores. 

  • In some of the online stores there is option of discounted flower girl dresses available


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