How to Make Your Guests as Your Wedding Photographers - Follow These Gleeful ideas 

How to Make Your Guests as Your Wedding Photographers - Follow These Gleeful ideas

If you're looking for unique wedding photography ideas, we've got you covered! To make the wedding memories more intense and memorable, involve the invited guests more into it. The more interactive the wedding is. The more memorable it would be. The wedding guests love to have wedding hash tag. The guests love two things- the marriage and the social media. These guests can be pumped to capture all those especial once in life time wedding moments.
If you make your wedding guests capture all the moments, it would be a super fun.Just imagine all the random, crazy and candid shots, captured by the friends and family, which you are planning to make as the permanent addition into the wedding album.

1. Puppy can be made as your wedding photographer- 

To get the national geographic styled dog chasing squirrel footage, the dog can be the best way to capture the videos. Especially when the dog is walking down the aisle along with you, you are surely going to get hours of candid videos.So it can be called as the dog’s eye view like as in the bird’s eye view. 

2. Set up a Polaroid Guest Book

Polaroid cameras can capture and immediately print the photos. You can place set of cameras along with few of rolls of film at the photo station near your wedding gift table. 

There would be a good collection of snap shots, which may be utilized further in your album.

3. Disposable Cameras can be added

Disposable cameras can deliver the photos immediately after the wedding ends. The disposable cameras can be handed out immediately before the reception and can have entire night’s worth of the pictures. Many guests love to keep the wedding shots for themselves.

4. Request a phone Video Stream

The wedding guests can be asked to post the cell phone videos to your wedding hash tag on the instagram. You can have a gorgeous collection of random footage of your attending guests having fun and frolic in your wedding. In this way, you can have some candid Videography shots, that can later be helpful..

5. Must arrange one selfie booth

During your wedding day, set up a selfie booth. Where I pad with a bunch of funny props can be placed. Every one now a days love clicking the selfies. These posts can be further posted on the social media.

Don’t leave your iPod at home on your wedding day! Instead of a photo booth, set up a selfie station with your iPod and a bunch of fun props. (Because who doesn't love taking selfies??) Post the pics to social media, or stream them live on a screen at your wedding reception.


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