How to Make Your Wedding Guest Complaint Free 

How to Make Your Wedding Guest Complaint Free

In everyone’s life many things are important. Some less important and some more but one’s life biggest fuss has always been their weddings. Also it is the only time you just want things perfectly arranged and errorless. You just put every effort you can to make sure with your happy life starting you make everyone happy. And with all those celebration and arrangement you just give all you have. But sometimes even putting all your efforts also don’t help and you notice and hear your guests complaining about some stuff that was not in your control or you were too busy to attend it. Moreover guests have these illusions of perfect marriage even though sometimes it is they who don’t take wedding etiquettes seriously. But still the last thing you want to hear about your wedding is the happy grand celebration and the satisfied guest feedbacks. Although it is not impossible and unexpected to have a prefect wedding without guests complaints but it does require some extra effort.

Make the Music mix

These are numerous reasons of guest dissatisfaction due to undesirable and misunderstanding but mostly guests find flaws in their hospitality. Also the inability of the host to understand guest and take proper care of them at weddings make most of the complains. But if you take proper time and plan good strategies to make your guests have the best marriage experience they ever had with a guest complaints free wedding ceremony and reception. Sometimes the music in the marriages and wedding is the cause of the annoyance of the guest as it does not entertain a section of age that lies complains. Also choosing a competent DJ can solve your problem by playing everyone’s favourite mix can solve the music problem.

Serve healthy and delicious

Then there are guest who find the problem with the food as sometimes the non-vegetarian turned vegetarian does not find it cool to have the non-vegetarian and vegetarian food served together. Yes this could produce a long annoying and never ending list of complaints from the guest at your wedding. Also sometimes the avoidance of the waiter or serving person can make complains rule over your wedding celebration by guest. Also waiters also try their best but sometimes you just can’t help it. Another one for the guest to just complain at your wedding could be the food quality and hygiene. Sometimes the food degradation and poor cleanliness with unhygienic serving can make your guests dissatisfied to a extent that they choose you complain than to enjoy your wedding. 

Proper accommodations

So make sure that at your wedding you try to get the best food served in best conditions and make a plan to entertain everyone. Even though it is your wedding but if just focus on yourself and your marriage only that would have the guest make complaints about the poor attendance and avoidance at your wedding. Also make sure if it is a destination wedding you have already plan the living conditions and contribution ahead and well for your guest. Make sure your perfect wedding becomes their perfect wedding attending experience.


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