How to Organize the Brij Holi Wedding 

How to Organize the Brij Holi Wedding

The brij holi is nothing less than a heavenly feeling of immense love which is enshowered with flowers and is the real approach of the kind where the live scenes from the Radha  kriahan life are represented with their best dance performances and the couple when accompany them, they realize the same heavenly love of the history and the music in addition enriches and fills the joy forever. 

Following is the list of organizing the Brij Holi concept at your D- day.

  • Arranging the photographer- for the ooms kind of photography, you need to explain the concept to them and show the wedding venue. Taking the ideas and consideration earlier is utmost important for getting 100 percent beautiful pictures. Since the concept of Brij wedding Holi ensures hike in beauty of the pictures, multifold, no one can deny the role of a perfect photographer for this.

  • Lighting- to have the real impact of the petals, the white light is strongly recommended rather than the coloouured light. The best idea is to set up  truss lighting if your photographer assists to do so. 

  • Timing


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