How to Organize the Brij Holi Wedding 

How to Organize the Brij Holi Wedding

The brij holi is nothing less than a heavenly feeling of immense love which is enshowered with flowers and is the real approach of the kind where the live scenes from the Radha  kriahan life are represented with their best dance performances and the couple when accompany them, they realize the same heavenly love of the history and the music in addition enriches and fills the joy forever. 

Following is the list of organizing the Brij Holi concept at your D- day.

  • Arranging the photographer- for the ooms kind of photography, you need to explain the concept to them and show the wedding venue. Taking the ideas and consideration earlier is utmost important for getting 100 percent beautiful pictures. Since the concept of Brij wedding Holi ensures hike in beauty of the pictures, multifold, no one can deny the role of a perfect photographer for this.

  • Lighting- to have the real impact of the petals, the white light is strongly recommended rather than the coloouured light. The best idea is to set up  truss lighting if your photographer assists to do so. 

  • Timing – the romantic evening is the best time offering time of the day, as day would be filled entirely of the harsh shadows , and by night fall, all natural light is lost.

  • Location and stage- the stage must definitely be the bigger one as most of your relatives would come to shower the petals on the couple and the radha krishana. The small stage can also be arranged but it must not be too smaller.

The height of the stage will be determined by the number of guests. For a larger number of guests, you want to give height to your stage so that everyone has a view of what’s happening, lest the guests get bored in an activity they don’t have a view of. But if you have a smaller guest list, where everyone who is invited will come on stage and play Brij Holi with you, you can opt for a low height stage. It makes it easy to access and more comfortable for the guests to join in the fun.

Backdrop and overall decoration – Ask your photographer to recommend what kind of backdrop will look good. Don’t just place the stage where you think it looks good, ask your photographer! He will end up recommending either using an existing backdrop from the venue (eg. trees or a pretty wall), or he can coordinate with the decorator to set up a backdrop that will provide the best background for your images. Make sure it’s not a dark shade that clashes with the shade of the flower petals, of course!

The Skit – A 30 minute long skit depicting Radha & Krishna’s relationship is how a Brij Holi typically begins

The Flower Petals –  You’ll have to arrange for these with either the help of the decorator, or by yourself. The number of kilos of flower petals depends on the number of people you are expecting to participate. For a big guest list, 50-60 kilos might be required.

Things to be careful of – the stage turns into a wet pile of kilos of flowers. If you need to use the stage post the Brij Holi for another event, especially a dance, you need to make sure it’s cleared up and dried immediately after. Again, see this post to see how Shonan solved this problem at her wedding.

Brij Holi Checklist

The Skit
Book performers
Discuss and finalise duration of skit with performers, and sequenceof events
The Flowers
Arrange for flower petals – your decorator, or yourself
Decide how many kilos of flowers you will need
The Stage & Timing
Bring photographer into loop early on
Explain Brij Holi concept to photographer & decorator
Decide size & height of stage, depending on number of guests
Decide on a backdrop that will complement the colour of the petals
Ensure photographer has communicated lighting requirement to decorator

Decide time of event based on when Golden Hour is (consult with photographer.


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