How to Overcome Conflicts with Your Mother-In-Law 

How to Overcome Conflicts with Your Mother-In-Law

The relationship of mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law has always been in conflict. Various writers, media players and persons from entertainment industry have earned a lot name, fame and lot of money by depicting various stories on quarrelsome relations of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. But it is also true that in some cases, mother-in-law can be the best mentor, guide and even a second mother for her daughter-in-law. It is possible only when you win the heart of your mother-in-law and overcome all sorts of conflicts. Here are a few words that may be useful for you.

Follow Family Traditions

After marriage, you are closely related not only to your husband but his close relations too. It may be possible that some traditions in your family are quite different and contrary to that of your in laws. In that case, don’t criticize and show contempt to those traditions. On the other hand, embrace those family traditions with open heart. Your mother-in-law will be very happy to see that you are accepting those in very comfortable manner.

Invite Your In laws on Holidays

When you are free during holidays or Sundays, you may invite your parents in laws and spend some time with them. You will feel a change in your daily routine that you were feeling boring. At some occasions, you may also visit them and make them realize that you are part and parcel of that family. Showing heartiest smiles and hugs when you meet and depart from your mother-in-law will be a few gestures that she will not able to forget so easily and giving you a warm care like mother. 

Understand Your Mother-in-law

If your mother-in-law is rude to you, don’t respond; rather try to understand the reason of her such behavior. It may be possible that she might have gone through sad stages of hard life like seen a cruel mother, breaking family relations, children moving away from her  etc. and she might have made a strong but pretending heart to show that she is able to bear all those troubles. These barriers may be for her protection. But if you behave maturely and try to pierce through that barrier, you will find a crying heart. You will feel pity on her and all your complaints regarding her rude behavior will vanish. Understanding the particular situation will be the best method of conflict resolution and avoiding the situations to aggravate. 

Recognize and Avoid Conflicts  

It is the next step after understanding your mother-in-law. After being in contact and seen her through some time, you are in a position to anticipate the things and situations. When you feel that your mother-in-law is in the mood to confront; don’t indulge with her or reply her in the same manner. Better gauge the situation and avoid that. In that moment, you may utilize your time by doing some meaningful work. Even if, you happen to reply back; respond clearly and honestly without being rude. Remember that you can’t change your mother-in-law. You be yourself and don’t change yourself too. Consider other approach in consultation with your spouse. 


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