How to Plan Your Wedding at Work (Without Getting Fired!) 

How to Plan Your Wedding at Work (Without Getting Fired!)

The value of time cannot be measured. Especially when the event is fixed and the days left are few or more. The wedding requires full time planning as well as execution of the planned ideas. How this balance is maintained, when you don’t want to get fired by your boss, at the same time your mind is always pre-occupied with the countless things. Let’s analyze the works, which can be divided and worked upon differtly.

When to Do What

Finding Vendors: Daytime-To spare out of you busy schedule is not a big phenomenon. The vendors can be searched online during the day by checking out of various sites, then the same can be listed on the or reading other recommendations for the unmarried people. 

Finding inspiration –daytime- the browsing for gowns, bouquets and more online is the best way to search thousands of elegant designs. The moments, you see the more, you realize to have the good way to get through the doldrums of your work day.

Visiting Vendors: Free time-During weekends or during your free times, you can plan the drive by to check out their digs. You must have your fiancé with you to visit most of the vendors as a tag team. Moreover, the vendor, which is mostly liked by you can be asked for more questions without worrying for the other commitments. The free time should be allocated to the visiting to vendors.

Making list- anytime-Many lists come under this, like as- guest list, playlists, even- to do list. The paper pen or online work can be helpful to remain updated, in case you need them immediately.

DIY Stuff: Nighttime-Did you really think you'd be able to assemble programs at your desk? Or that your boss won't notice you printing out 200 favor cards on the color printer? Wedding projects (like tying the bows on all those favor boxes) are definitely a nighttime activity—kick back with a glass of wine and Netflix while you fold 300 sheets of vellum.


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