How to Prepare for Rain at your Wedding 

How to Prepare for Rain at your Wedding

Getting into chaos even for the little of the downpour has become common specially during the outdoor, beach or the winter weddings. The rainy weather brings chaos for all amazing décor plans as well as puts the hospitality into disturbance.  Consequently, the wetness and humidity become the concerned issue. Predicting the weather earlier and staying prepared for the rain during wedding can be the best way to deal with. 

Here is some drool worthy tips for the same-

1. Getting waterproof tents- 
Regardless of the expenditure involved, it’s very mandatory to have the words with the manager of the venue. Moreover, the decorating guys and the planners, if you have hired must be talked about the same. Arrange them before hand so that while commencement of the wedding functions, it’s in control to secure and server the attending guests.

2. dealing with the unexpected rainy times- 
Most of the times, it has been observed that without weather forecasting, the rain starts and the florist, decorators and the weddiding planners as they have to remain updated with the latest current scenarios, keep a track of the unexpected rain seasons. As they are experienced, doing so many weddings, they understand the bouts of unexpected rains. They can be betterly asked for the unexpected rain times. For an instance, in the month of February, there is mostly rain during the second week.

3. Stay updated about the weather-
Keep a foolproof record of the day to day weather conditions. Trust the weather prediction. If it talks rain, then you must be prepared for it. Avoid taking risk in every case. Don’t take chances, especially in the case of outpour prediction for the outdoor weddings.

4. Must keep food area waterproof –
The entire wedding program if feasible, can be waterproofed, but at least the foot junction must be kept waterproofed to keep the guests busy and safe during the rainy wedding. That would not be causing your budget go overboard. 

5. Decoration by the garden umbrella-
Elegant and needful- fantastic idea is to have bigger sized umbrella to be utilized as the protective rounded roof cum the decorative umbrella. If installed above every table, would let not getting guests wet by the downpours.

6.  Keep a sound back up tent or indoor, ready already if it downpours- 
keeping ready with the indoor area ready as  well as having a tent would be an effective backup, in case it rains and people can rush in if it start pouring. The decoration and overall elegance of the indoor as well as outdoor can be nearly same to avoid any kind of the problem in attending the guests.


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