How to Raise the Duration of Stay of Lipstick?? Specially During Your Wedding Week 

How to Raise the Duration of Stay of Lipstick?? Specially During Your Wedding Week

The beautiful piece of artwork, called bride, does depend not only upon the colors and attires, even the smallest of the thing may splurge you into the bigger expenses for their unique requirement. Similar is the case of the lipsticks. The lipsticks seem by far the tiniest but the most important things to consider. The makeup box or the potli of your may be full with the branded stuffs. Even the beautician may be your nearby. The friends also assist in this regard. But actually the scenario is totally different on the wedding week. A series of important events start following, starting from sagai or the engagement that may commence days, months or year before the wedding. This function is then followed by the lunch with the family, lunch with their family, mehendi celebration, sangeet ceremony or the fantastic ladies sangeet- though gents may also accompany- HiHI... The greatest urge to appear your best begins and the majority of the brides work on this major part.

The lip stick glow is luring you and the consistency with which it keeps its impact longer lasting is mandatory. Here we tend to have worthwhile tips for the brides to keep their lip stick longer lasting. Let’s come to know- how? 

Essential Pre lip and after care – how to keep lip sticks for longer duration

1. Using an exfoliator-
the exfoliators are usually made by combining coconut oil and the brown sugar. The soothing effect of the mixture along with its super smooth glow provided is worthwhile to be noted down. The frequency of using it can be twice weekly. The major concern here is to provide rejuvenating effect that can keep your lips young. Secondly, you can even rub your old tooth brush on your lips and further you can dry it with a damp cloth. 

Always make sure to apply a good lip balm beforehand. Never apply the lip stick on the dried lips. There must be a big no no   for the same. This would lead to removal of the dry skin and would smoothen out all issues in a jiffy.

2. Use foundation- an excellent way to keep your lipstick stay on in the times of need.  You must dab a little foundation on your lip before applying your viola or the lipstick. This is actually the perfect longer lasting formula, you can thrive upon which effectively. The major cause behind it is that the foundation or concealer which you apply can cancel off the pink your lips come with providing them an even tone for the color of your lip stick to come through. A water proof foundation or concealer can be utilized for the longer lasting power.

3. Role of lip liner- you are supposed to use lip liner to avoid the bleeding of lips. That sounds like the old 90’s look of Karenna kapoor. But you should avoid black; the color which suits well along with the lipstick color can be utilized to seal the lips. 

4. Choose lipstick judiciously- lip sticks are to be chosen using the following formula-

a. for longer lasting effects, choose matte lipsticks over glossy that would be helpful to provide your mouth an even finish and the longer lasting impact.

b. the lip brush can be utilized to apply the lip stick. More spaces lipstick can go, more lip that gets covered and more precision in applying.

c. Lipsticks applied can be drying and can make your lips look parched! That’s why prep needs to be done.

5.  Blot and apply translucent powder- Here the role of foundation is most appealing. The lipstick can be initially applied and then blot excess of foundation. Then put in your lipstick and then blot again to remove excess of lipstick. Afterwards, hold the tissue paper on the lips and brush it lightly with translucent powder. Sealed! You are supposed to reapply the lipstick once more. 

6. Its mandatory to have the cautions-  As far as possible, take precautions as weddings have daarus and drink only with the straw.


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