How to Remove Your Magical Mehendi from the hands 

Mehendi is the glowing symbol of our rich cultural heritage and valuable traditions. 

The wedding mehendi is a charm that reveals the zeal of celebration. The colour of which remains for a longer time and the shade and darkness which comes in the wedding photography is different when clicked afresh… 

It’s undeniable that the dreams of girls for the mehendi are superb. As much seriousness they have for buying and customizing the lehengas, the similar can be seen for the mehendi as well.  The mehendi means love for them. The mehendi provides a real charm of being bride. The stunning designs of mehendi intricately applied over the forearms, extended through the length, the feet adorned with henna almost up till the knees- looks extremely beautiful and gorgeous.

The beautiful colour of mehendi when gets dull and you want to have its complete removal, say to go office or honeymoon or wanna have normal hands back for college, then you don’t want that situation in which the man goes to the office in suit and wears tie and executive bag in hand, but with those mehendi hands, makes you feel to remove after the celebration is over..

Regardless of being unfortunate in the way of not having any chemical available for quick getting rid of the mehendi, there are still some home remedies for the removal of the mehendi--

1. Apply chlorine to erode the colour of mehendi from your hands-

As chlorine is primarily utilized to purify the drinking water, it has found to have some effects over the removal of mehendi or other dark colors. The general procedure may start by dipping the hands in Luke warm water, in which chlorine has been added, so that you don’t feel hot. The hands may itch or irritate initially. But you need not worry about that. The fading process is hastened and swimming if in the list for evening, can help you getting chlorine in water.

2. Dip in the bleaching powder-

As like bleaching does whitens the face; it’s safe for hand as well. The ammonia present in the bleaching powder may cause little irritation in the hands that may persist for just few minutes. Before you dry the bleach or it’s dried, rinse it with the cold water. Never touch the eyes with hands, which are applied with the bleaching powder. 

3. Massage your hands vigorously with the olive oil- 

To fade the mehendi colour, a perfect emulsifier, like as olive oil is the best method. Soak the cotton ball, in the oils across your friends. What’s more, even the chlorine can be obtained from the table salt which speeds up the fading process.  The discoloration process is stimulated by applying the things altogether. 

4. Apply paste of baking powder and lemon solution- 

When a paste of baking soda and lemon juice are applied gently over the mehendi colored skin, within ten minutes, the scrubbing, done in the circular motion brings out the better experience. The scrubbing should be done in the circular motion. 

5. Clean it with washing detergent- 

The general rule says that the detergents either mild can help you lighten the colour of your mehendi. When a mild detergent is mixed with the water and then the hands are soaked in the water can lead to amelioration of the colour. 

6. Scrub Using a Face Exfoliator: 

This doesn’t require much explanation. Pick your favorite scrub and use it on your hands and feet. Exfoliate properly to lighten the colour of your mehendi. If it has not gone completely, repeat the process in another 20 minutes or so.

7. Apply pack of toothpaste- 

The dental tooth paste not only works to remove the certain stubborn stains, cleanse the jewelry and even to quickly remove the mehendi from your hands. The tooth paste is applied and is left till it gets dry.


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