How To Select Jewelry For Your Bridesmaid 

How To Select Jewelry For Your Bridesmaid

For a bride, her bridesmaid is the most important person, who stands by her side throughout the various preparations of the wedding. It is the bridesmaid who ensures that the bride looks perfect on her wedding day. Therefore, it is only fair that the bride also takes care of this amazing person who makes her day so special for her. By ensuring that the bridesmaid also gets the best dress and amazing bridesmaid jewelry to wear on the wedding day, the bride can say thank you to her for all the help that she gave to the bride during the wedding preparations. 

However, sometimes the brides are too busy in searching for their own bridal jewelry, that they end up compromising on the jewelry set that they would be gifting to the bridesmaid. This is not acceptable and in order to make the task of selecting good jewelry for the bridesmaid, we give you a few simple tips:

Match the Jewelry To The Dress

The first thing that all brides should keep in mind when selecting jewelry for their bridesmaid is that the jewelry should match and compliment the dress that they would be wearing on the wedding day. Thus, if the dress selected for the bridesmaid is of light pink color, the jewelry set for her should consist of dark pink stones as it would help in bringing out the colors and flaring up the gown as well. On the other hand, if the dress is of a dark color, lighter color jewelry would make a great choice. 

Match the Jewelry To The Necklines 

Another important factor to consider when buying bridesmaid jewelry is to ensure that the neckline of the dress matches the width of the jewelry. There is absolutely no need to go extravagant when buying jewelry for the bridesmaid. The jewelry for them should be simple and yet elegant. 

Jewel Case or Bag

It is not just important that you present the bridesmaid with a good jewelry set, but also the way you present it to her is also important. The jewelry set is a way of saying thank you to the bridesmaid for all the help she gave during the wedding, and therefore, the gift should be given to her in a graceful manner. Putting the jewelry in a jewel case or a bag which has been personally monogrammed with the name of the bride and the groom is a very good idea for the presentation of this jewelry set to the bridesmaid. 

Consider Hair Accessories

In case you are not able to find an appropriate necklace for the bridesmaid, then another option available is to look for some nice and classy hair accessories for them. Gifting of these hair accessories works really well, especially if the dress for the bridesmaid has high collars and long sleeves. 

In the end, it is important that your bridesmaid should also look really good at your wedding and just like the bridesmaid takes care of the bride


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