How to Select Mens Engagement Ring  

How to Select Mens Engagement Ring

There are several options available for a stylish engagement ring. The ring varies from the yellow gold to diamond designs in the wedding jewelry. Following are the several types of engagement rings which makes the selection easy before marriage

The engagement is an intimate experience for a couple. But for many men, buying of an engagement ring can seem perplexing. There are several things to be considered like carat weight, cut, clarity and color of the stones for the wedding rings.

The Four Cs. of the Diamond Ring:

A groom must consider the carat, clarity, cut, and color weight of a diamond. Though less understood the clarity and color are important for the stone’s quality. One should opt for a diamond with higher value for clarity and color as per grading scales. On the other hand, cut and carat could be preferences at the personal level and should also complement personality of the bride.

Getting Certification of the Diamond Ring:

A certificate from the concerned government authority will ensure the quality and authenticity of the diamond. The certificate of diamond denotes the characteristics of the stone including the four Cs, which serves as the proof of the stone’s value and identity.

Being Unique while Selecting Ring:

For any bride, the engagement ring is their important most piece of jewelry; hence it’s important that it is unique and special. For customizing the piece, consider getting designed a one-of-it’s-own-kind ring fashioned as per the bride's personal style.

Shape of the Stone:

One should know what shape you would be fiancée likes. The shape shows the geometry of the stone.

Settings of the Stone:

The framework of the metal in which the stone is mounted is called setting and it should be of quality. The bezel setting would give trendy look.

Metal for Setting the Stone:

The variety of metals is available for selection for band including platinum. Also, there is range of colors available in gold like yellow, white, rose and green. Further, palladium having gray hue can also be considered.

Buying the Loose Stones for Engagement Ring:

You can look for the loose stones instead of the stones in a setting. The majority of the ring's price goes into the stone. Ensure that you inspect the stone by a loupe and a good jeweler could guide you select a right stone.

Consider Your Budget for Ring:

You will be able to buy the perfect engagement ring without going into the debt. You can choose a 1 carat ring with larger surface area stone which will give large ring look. There could be defects which may not be seen by the naked eye but still the stone will give an equal sparkle and it may save you a good amount.

Giving Yourself Six Weeks for Ring Purchase:

It takes about six weeks to get the ring delivered when ordered. You should request inscription in advance if you want to engrave ring from the inside.

Given above are only a few of the tips for selecting the engagement ring, one can using one’s own discretion at the given time.


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