How To Use Technology At Your Indian Wedding Venue 

How To Use Technology At Your Indian Wedding Venue

Technology has grown by leaps and bounds making our daily life very convenient. Applicability of technology for wedding functions is gradually being inducted. Make your wedding a modern-day practice. In many banquet halls & farmhouses the big screens are used in the venue so that no one can miss the wedding moments.


Banquet Halls in Gurgaon exist in several sectors such as 14,15, 17, 18, 23, 29, 30, 39, 47,48, 49, 39, 56, 57, 77, to name a few. They provide the awesome themes & unique bridal entry which involves the great ideas & team work of technicians. The place is scattered all over the city. There are well flourishing banquet halls at urban complex, Gurgaon-Faridabad road, SushantLok II, old DLF, Old Delhi Gurgaon Road, Sohna Road, Leisure valley, 45 Milestone, DLF Phase I, UdyogVihar Phase III etc. The halls are equipped with modern facilities. During peak wedding seasons these are fully booked.


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Ritz banquet hall is a large place and can accommodate big functions with ease. Moreover, it’s at the prime location in Gurgaon. The imposing well-furnished halls with quality control bring many to book the halls many months before the function.


Technology will complement your applicability through coordination. Execution will be better carried out based on quick communication. Most of us make use of smart mobiles, and internet to convey the details of the wedding. Wedding preparation take months of outlining and then implementing the planning. Tracking with wedding professionals can be a very tiring task. Make the work easy using right apps. You will save of travelling time, record keeping, and referring back and forth, time and money. App help in getting the legitimate florist, chef, etc. There are specific apps that achieve specific needs. Wedding app can be made to compliment wedding website. Several apps come with registry choice.

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Once you have final list of the guests send online invitation this is e-invite. It will be more advantageous for all the family members. A few click of the mouse will dispatch the invitation.  Vendor quotes can be had from internet; contact them and finalize online after a couple of meetings. Those of you who are more gadget savvy can purchase the whole trousseau online from established sources. Wedding blogs give a fair idea of necessities and colour palettes for different wedding functions. You can contact them for reputed designers, wedding card suppliers, and bridal attire. Wedding registries concept is gaining momentum in India. This can be done online. Duplication of gifts can be avoided through this.


Wedding websites assist you in recording hotel details, event, as well as timing.  Photos can also be uploaded, and your guest can interact.  Guests can refer to the website for the recent information as the wedding approaches. You can add website address on the wedding card.


Get connected to your invitees through Instagram, and Facebook social media.  Place a placard near the venue hall and the tables with hashtag details. Guest can upload pictures and other information about the wedding that they find interesting.  The mini videos of wedding and other functions will add to your collection of good memories.  Moreover, it will be fun the guests. You can also communicate with friends and relatives spread across the world. Wedding couple selfie is of recent origin. Arrange for few selfies sticks at the venue of functions. This will involve the guests in some fun time.


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