How to Wear Pearls in Your Wedding Hair 

How to Wear Pearls in Your Wedding Hair

The hair accessories are most attractive way to appear gorgeous. In the same fashion, the pearls have come back in fashion. The ocean pearls are popularly now utilized by the brides to style their mane with the pearls. The pearls instantly ooze the elegance. Moreover, the addition of pearls provides that gorgeous elegance that can mesmerize anyone. Let’s analyze the ways to style your mane with pearls.

1. Pins of pearls- these are so simple, yet breathe taking. These are the perfect addition to accessorize your hairs perfectly. Pearls make the superb combination with pastel outfits.

2. Pearl hair vine- you can get exactly mermaid princess like gorgeous look, if you wear pearls. The beauty even matches like as nautical bachelorette. So decorate your hair vine with the shinning white or creamish pearls.

3. Pearl tikkas or Matha pattas- there can be lot of creativity related to the Matha pattas or tikkas, they provide the whole coverage over the head. When you wear them, you feel like pearls, all over your hairs speeded like as the princess hair.

4. Pearl Hair band- The hair bands, made of pearl are common now-a- days. People love to keep them for their girl child to provide them princess like feeling. They are generally made up of flowers. But brides now-a-days have got an option of wearing the hair bands which are made of pearls.The brides can accessorize their hairs with this for the reception. Where they provide gorgeous appearance with the reception gowns. Your pool party can rock with this pearl band.

5. Multicolor jhoomar or passa- the hairdos, when accessorized with the multicolor pearl strands provides extra fun to you and it’s really a factor which can rock your bridal appearance. 

6. Crown of pearls- every hair style has a different charm for hair accessories. Say for the coif and bouffant hairstyles, pearl crowns can be the perfect way to look queen like or super cool bride. 

7. Brooch- The pearl brooch heirloom can help pinning your hair. The brooch hairpin can be the perfect hair accessory the can shine your D-day.

8. Bride it up- the most luring and most handsome kind of hair accessory. Lets weave a strand of pearls into your hair and then let them do all the talking.

9. Mermaid hair, don’t care! – If you are the kitsch kind of bride and loves colour, here is a simple way to glam up your hair do! All you need is 3-4 pearl strands (we recommend different sizes for a stunning look) and braid them right in!


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