How to Write an Amazing Mr and Mrs Wedding Speech 

How to Write an Amazing Mr and Mrs Wedding Speech

The wedding speech given by the bride and groom is the beginning of the new life for both of them. It denotes that the bride and groom try to be good about their parents, their in-laws are complimented and both of them extend their thanks to everybody for being part of their wedding day.

The writing and rehearsing is crucial before delivering the wedding speech. The process of writing the speech is a good practice for the future married life and learning how to work together. The couple can sit down to work out the basics like who they will thank, what will they say, how to make the guests laugh and make a memorable speech. Preferably, the speech should resemble a story, which will interest the guests.

  • Writing the Wedding Speech:
Before you start writing wedding speech, note down some thoughts about your relationship, how you had met, your personalities and general thoughts about marriage once you have some of these thoughts down on paper, it becomes easier to prepare a hearty wedding speech.

  • Preparing for Double Act Speech:
While writing a speech, the bride and groom should prepare for the roles they’ll play while they deliver the speech. It should also be decided on who is going to take the lead. Preferably, the type of understanding the couple is enjoying can be reflected in the way wedding speech is conducted. The team spirit of bride and groom must be visible in the double act speech by the couple. There are several tips on how to go about it:

a. The speech can be written on the index cards which should be numbered.

b. The Bride and Groom needs to practice wedding speech even if it lasts only for 3-5 minutes which will make nervousness disappear.

c.  One should stand erect and speak clearly and slowly or the guests may miss out on what is being said.
d. The speech should not be long and rambling. It should have quick stories and Interesting details and the poor taste in humour must be avoided as there may be grandmothers and children in the audience.

e. For breaking the ice, one can admit one’s nervousness to the guest and build a rapport which will eliminate the fear of public speaking.

f. One can transit into a funny memory or story about the partner and how you met.

Wedding Toast:

The wedding toasts are delivered following the meal, before the first dance in formal wedding ceremonies. Usually, the bride and groom toast to their parents and the guests. Toasts can occur after the first dance in semi-formal function when the first course is served or at any suitable time according to order of events. The bride and groom should express their gratitude to their parents and the guests.

The above tips would be helpful for the bride and groom to deliver a heartfelt, sincere and genuine Mr. And Mrs. Wedding Speech on the most memorable day in their life. It will be cherished by the couple as well as the wedding guests.


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