Humble Ways to Reveal Your Wedding Guests for Cash as Wedding Gifts 

Humble Ways to Reveal Your Wedding Guests for Cash as Wedding Gifts

The tradition of giving the gifts during wedding is natural outcome of love and affection. The relatives and friends tend to be more formal to wrap up the gift of their choice specially. The jewellery-artificial mainly, clothes, decorating items or honeymoon gift packages apart from the money are highly welcomed by the bridal couple. The craze for giving the cash voucher to let bridal couple purchase according to their choice is latest trend in vogue. Apart from this, the traditionally bound or which has financial issues may find it downright rude to give cash as the wedding shagun. 

How to politely ask for cash as the wedding gift without offending your guests is a question every bridal couple ponders upon every single year. The tradition of giving the wedding gift was started years back to help the newlywed couple, settle their house with the gift items like as kitchenware, ornaments, and other useful knick knacks. With the passage of time, couples already set of their homes and asking for cash as the wedding gifts is a natural way to go.

How to tactfully mend your way to asking for money can be rude. Even if you provide the instructions, the guests would feel more grateful on what you wish for the most. Here goes- 

1. Wedding invitation must not blurt of the money- 

As aforementioned, it can be extremely rude to directly write it in the bold and slamming it on the guest’s face. It can be considered as downright rude by some specially those who are traditionally bound to or may have financial issues. Other subtle ways can be taken into the consideration.

2. Friends and the family members can spread the humor- 

The best buddy or the loved ones can be tipped to spread the humor in humorous manner that the cash is welcomed. And the couple is welcoming money...Money and money. As it is rightly being said that the word of mouth spreads faster than any other medium- so there is no shame in that to choose to add a reason that you need money for honeymoon, donate money to charity or pay off your loans.

3. Beautifully buttering like choosing better words to tell- 

“For a couple of the years, we have lived in sin; 
we have toaster, a kettle and stainless steel bin.”

“Saucepans and towels we have many. 
Corkscrews and flannels we don’t need any.”

“ We just want you with us to celebrate our day. 
But if you insist on a gift anyway, “

“what we would really like a gift of money...
We hope you don’t think we are being funny”

“we’ll put it all together and buy something all together 
and buy something that is best as a reminder of our day and our wonderful guests...”

The beautiful words can be worked into the poem as aforementioned to blurt out that you entirely wish to have the cashes wedding gifts. It can add a touch of humor or simply a statement can be stated in your formal invite at the bottom stating. No boxed or flat gifts required... 

4. Adopting western concept of wedding registry and wedding websites-

In this contemporary epoch, the entire world seems swirling online; even the grandma is posting that cool lip pouting selfies. To browse for the information, it is convenient for the wedding guests to access internet and seek the information. Through the websites, they come to know exactly that where the wedding is and what gifts are accepted by the bride and the groom. All the wedding gossips are known exactly that what the couples are up to…what about the preparation and all. 

5.Cheques – 

The cheques , in case are going to be written by your guests, then mentioning the old maiden name is important rather than mentioning the brides newer surname or if she wishes to change her name then it would be extremely late to encash a cheque.

6. Don’t Forget To Send Out Your Thank-You Notes

Last and most important rule you should never forget is to send out personal thank-you notes to all your attendees in the form of a small return gift or wedding favor, text message, hand-written card, phone call or an email. Anything will do.  It’s just a sweet gesture.


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