Husbands Do Hide Their Finances from Their Wives 

Husbands Do Hide Their Finances from Their Wives

Marriage is complex and so are the relationships. Sometimes it is possible that husbands hide their financial status from everyone, even from their wives. It may sound strange but it is very true and very possible. Sometime the wife has no single idea about her own houses finances and other money related matter. Also she is not allowed to speck I them and mostly she is not given any single peek or assumption about it. Also it is possible that they know half the story and half is in limelight under some deep shadows and passwords.

What’s to hide?

There are numerous examples of women who are bothered that their husbands don’t tell them about the finances affairs and keep them in passwords protected quicken money management software files on their very password protected computer that is always locked up in his office and of course his wife doesn’t have the key or passwords to know the rest. Also they are sure that they are not involved in any dark shaded duplicitous fraud but still this strange habit of their man cooks a little doubt in them.

What is the secret?

Also there are further guesses like what is he actually investing in and how much financial saving do they really have. Do they have enough after those bills and maintenances that will cover any emergency apart from the insurances or it is that he has nothing left to tell and show. Also further guessing leads to thinking stuff like bankrupts or some millionaire with hidden gold bricks. Also there are issues like teen boy’s college and education that bothers the lady of the house. 

Also sometimes there are questions like if the man is taking care of the finances is he doing it right or is there a serious problem. Moreover this topic now expands as arguments between some couples and to some it is covered under understanding. Also secrets in any relationship does not result any good with all those bad guilty thoughts hovering in the mind. Also sometimes the whole plan of the man is to surprise the lady with a billionaire receipt and a rose bouquet. 

Is there a problem?

Also there are chances that internal revenue system has their eyes on all the finances you are busy hiding and all that fun is gone in vain. Also crimes due to financial worries are going high wives are now more concerned about the hidden finances their husbands keep raising turmoil in their relationship. Also the surveys today say that hiding the financial details from their wives has risen to a higher count and it is now more of an issue you can think of. Also sometimes wives are not aware that their husbands have taken loan on their accounts and now are in a difficult situation they don’t know to come out of. There are fewer matters like this which end in a door with a billion bank saving receipt and a beautiful rose bouquet and most of them end in divorces and misunderstanding with day to day arguments.   


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