Ideas for Cake Cutting Songs 

Ideas for Cake Cutting Songs

Apart from allotting time for each and every ritual to be performed at your wedding it is essential to make time for the cake cutting ceremony at the wedding.  Wedding cakes add flavor to your exotic wedding ceremony along with background music.

It is the responsibility of friends and parents to plan for a perfect wedding style. The bride and groom must enjoy the marriage with the wedding cake and wedding songs played especially for them.

Wedding cakes

The couples are made to cut the wedding cake as a part of the wedding ceremony. In most of the cases, the couple’s feed the cake pieces to express their love for each other. Wedding cakes are decorated with statues of couple in different poses at the top tier of the cake.

Make it special

Once the announcement is made, the cake cutting songs are played on the background. The entire crowd cheers the couple along with the wedding music. A whole lot of wedding music and wedding songs are available according to the wedding style.


In traditional wedding, arrangements are made by the orchestra to conduct a live performance of wedding songs being sung by artists and singers. Sometimes celebrities also engage themselves in cheering the couples. Grandparents and elder most people enjoy this kind of music session.

Modern Deejay 

Nowadays reception parties are hosted by deejays that play the trendy cake cutting songs giving an exuberating feel. They update themselves with new wedding songs and serve the best at the wedding.

Best deejays 

Online bookings for the deejays are made in their respective websites. People can also scan through the charges and their recent activities. Reviews are also provided at the bottom of the websites. Deejays have distinct wedding music adopted as per the wedding style.

Wedding songs 

It is best to choose the desired tracks to be played at the cake cutting ceremony beforehand. Also the couples can discuss when to cut the cake, what kind of music to be played, how to react and pose for the photos. Casual clippings exhibit the beauty and nature of the couple’s. Inform the DJ about the wedding songs to be played to avoid confusion. 

Significance of Cake cutting ceremony 

Cake cutting songs are played and the couple cut the cake together. The groom holds the bride’s hand and then they feed each other to express their love for each other. It simply means that the couple will share the rest of their life and stay as strength of pillar at times of need. 

Emotional and sentimental

The couple’s become emotional when the wedding music is being played. Sometimes it turns out to be a tragedy if the song doesn’t suit the couple. Henceforth if they are cool and fun loving pair then opt for jovial songs. 


As the cake is being cut the friends of the bride and groom can surprise them by screening a previously recorded video which displays the childhood memories of the couple. This makes the entire crowd enthusiastic.


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