Ideas For The Outfit Of The Father Of The Groom 

Ideas For The Outfit Of The Father Of The Groom

The role of the father of groom is very limited in a wedding. He has absolutely no active role to play in the wedding ceremonies, unless of course he is the best man for the groom or a groomsman. However, irrespective of the fact, whether the father of the groom is playing any important part in the wedding or not, he still has to look perfect at the wedding, as it is a special day for his son, and he would be a part of all the special family pictures that would be taken at the occasion. Understanding the need for the outfit of the father of the groom to be nice as well, many fashion stylists have come up with elegant dress ideas which the father of the groom can wear. 

Let Father Of The Bride And The Groom Dress Similar

There is no doubt about the fact that the role of the father of the bride is far more important in a wedding ceremony, as he would be giving away the bride to the groom, than the role of the father of the groom, but this does not mean that the dress for the father of the groom should be any less special. It is important that both the fathers should feel equally welcomed, wanted and required at the wedding ceremony. Therefore, many couples are choosing to get similar dresses made for both the father of the bride and the groom. They simply alternate the colours in the suit, in order to differentiate between the two.

Comfort Should Never Be compromised

While it is important that the outfit that you select for the father of the groom should make him look smart, it is also important to ensure that the father should feel comfortable wearing the dress. The father of the groom may not be actively participating in the wedding ceremonies, but he cannot leave the wedding in the middle and is required to be present at the wedding ceremony, right from the start, till the very end. Therefore, it becomes extremely important that he feels comfortable in the clothes that he is wearing, or else it would difficult for him to stay in the wedding till end. 

Theme Related Outfit

Getting the perfect dress for the father of the groom can prove to be a far more challenging task than one imagines. While you would want the outfit to be a part of the theme of the wedding, yet you do not want to make the father look like a carbon copy of the rest of the groomsmen or a caricature of himself. Therefore, the stylist needs to make sure that he selects the colour and fabric of the dress with a lot of care, and choosing only those outfits which will make the father of the groom look elegant, classy and sophisticated.

Even when you are responsible for choosing the outfit for the father, it would still be better if you take your father along with you for the selection, as he needs to be comfortable and happy with what he has to wear for the wedding. 


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