Ideas of Car Decoration for Wedding 

Ideas of Car Decoration for Wedding

Vidaai So Well Adorned

"Car Decoration for Wedding" - Vidaai ceremony too is extravagant, unlike other wedding ceremonies. Being the first ride of Dulhan to her new home and also the first official ride of the newlywed couple, this is certainly major and every groom wishes to have their Wedding Car to be a special one. One can get the wedding car decoration done over their own cars or can have luxury cars on rent depending upon their budget.


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Car decoration for wedding can be done by any florist or wedding planner. Below you can find some creative wedding car decoration ideas. Car decoration for wedding images are shared to help you get a better view of the entire concept.


Wedding Car Decoration Ideas

Love birds Wedding car decoration 

Wedding Car Decoration Kerala


Couples who had love marriage may opt for such Car decoration for Wedding. This will resemble their commitment and the intense affection towards each other. A pair of love birds is placed over a heart packed up with flowers and such an ensemble is put up right at the front of the car along with some ribbon. Such a romantic look, isn’t it?

Heart Shape Car Decoration for Wedding

Wedding Car Decoration Chennai


Wedding Car Decoration done with alluring flowers in a hollow heart shape adorned on the bonnet of the car is just the right look for a newlywed couple. These designs are highly affordable yet simple and can be done by any florist or a party planner.


Wedding Car Decoration with Flowers

Wedding Car Decoration Simple


Simple decoration of red (colour of love) rose buds/flowers done all over the car along with running net or a ribbon on the sides is a very simple idea and is quite popular too. Photographs clicked of such Wedding Car Decoration are eye catchy and these cars can be easily noticed at a distance on any road too.

Ruffle Car Decoration for Wedding

Wedding Car Decoration by Flower


Running bunch of colourful flowers roses, gladulas red and white along with the party petals clustered to form a ruffle design on one side of the car is just another contemporary concept of Wedding Car Decoration. These designs are unusual and preach more about one’s taste and preference. They are for couples who want Wedding Car Decoration graceful, simple yet cool.

Red and white Car Decoration for Marriage

Wedding Car Decoration Chennai


An extremely dreamy Car Decoration for Wedding idea for the couple very much in love and definitely for those looking forward for such a bond. Heart shape made with red and white roses individually tied up with net and ribbon of same colours reflects that dreamy car from fairy tales! Truly nostalgic for both the bride and the groom. Abundant use of ribbon gives that misty look to the whole ensemble.

Vintage Car Decoration for Wedding

Vintage Car Decoration


The superb idea of Wedding car decoration is to get a vintage car adorned for that vidaai (the dream ride of the neogamist). However, if the groom doesn’t own it then too no issues, such elite cars are available on rent. The classy look of the period car does not need much transformation, but a classy arrangement of colourful flowers and party petals over the bumper line and the wind screen both with a support of elegant golden ribbon to balance both the arrangements. Photographs clicked with such masterpieces will be cherished till ages just like the relationship of the newlywed.

Wedding Car Decoration Simple

Simple Car Decoration


Many a times the couple or the family wants to keep the affairs absolutely simple. Simplicity is their style and they want to live it up. Hence, Wedding car Decoration Ideas are a lowkey affair, cars are adorned with flower petals all over uniformly with a single bunch over the front of the car. Such patterns are very practical and can either be done professionally or even the grooms family members may choose to do it themselves, by collecting flowers and pasting them all over the vehicle.

Wedding Car Decoration with Ribbon

wedding car decoration with ribbon


This style of Car Decoration on Wedding seems to be the most fashionable of all the styles discussed above and literally transforms the total look of any car. Folks with that fascination towards pink colour and western taste will eventually fall in love with this idea. Lots of bright pink ribbons are used to hold the bouquet of freshly plucked pink, white and red coloured flowers at a corner of the front bonnet of the car to give it a look of a side broach. Roof top of the vehicle is covered with fine petals of pink coloured flowers to give it a look of pink carpet over the roof. Also, a few of the pink rose stalks are put on the sides i.e. over the doors. Mesmerizing!! is the word for such arrangements.

Wedding Car Decoration design

Vintage car decoration for marriage


Car Decoration for wedding over top-less period cars should be kept precise by putting two pairs of different bouquets on both the corners of the front and a pair at the back of the vehicle. Pictures of such wedding car are truly royal and awesome

Car Decoration for Wedding

Luxury Car Decoration with flowers


We have widely discussed all the major car decoration ideas with their images as well but, the most suitable one it the Car decoration for Wedding near me option. This holds good for destination weddings where local now how is minimal and one has to depend over the wedding planner only. A few more pictures will be of added help for the latest marriages inline during the season.

Elegant Wedding Car decoration for you

Simple Luxury Cars for Decoration


It is a simple yet elegant look given to the wedding car where a bouquet is placed right in the middle of the bonnet and the rose buds are placed all over the car body at certain distance. The roof of the car is decorated in such a way that it gives a feel as if the carpet of flowers is placed over is a super cool way of decorating the wedding car.


Utterly beautiful fairy-tale wedding car decoration Idea


Wedding Car Decoration Mumbai


Out of all the wedding car decoration ideas we discussed, this one is one is the most eye catchy. The entire bonnet is decorated with different kind of flowers and in the middle a lovely doll in bride’s costume is placed. This beautifully express the journey of bride into a new stage of life. A bouquet is placed at the roof top plus the decoration on half of the front glass is the creativity to be seen.


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