Imbibe in your life, The Tips given below and Become A Good Wife for Your Husband 

Imbibe in your life, The Tips given below and Become A Good Wife for Your Husband

It is believed that the role a good wife plays in ensuring that the husband and wife relationship is a happy one, is a far more significant than the role of the husband. It is believed that a woman can handle various domestic and relationship problems in a far more efficient manner than any man and therefore, it is expected that it is the duty of the female to ensure that the relationship between she and her spouse is a healthy and happy one.

If you are recently married or are about to get married and are wondering how to be a good wife, then given below are a few simple tips which can help you in becoming a good wife.

Respect Him Always

To a very great extent, people judge a man by the way his wife respects him, and for a man’s ego getting respect from his wife and others is very important. Therefore, you need to make sure that you do everything possible to respect his actions and thoughts, when alone and even in front of others.


To be happy in a marriage relationship, you need to make sure that there is enough love and romance present in it. In case you feel that this romance is dying, then instead of waiting for him to do something about it, you can step forward and spice up your marriage by doing some surprise romantic and erotic gestures for the husband.


To be a good wife, you need to make sure that you always keep his ego fed. Therefore, every now and then, you must compliment his actions, even when you feel that they  do very routine gestures and do not need any special mention.

Do Not Discuss A Lot

If you want to find happiness in your married life, then you need to understand this one basic rule that men do not like to discuss a lot. They are result oriented by nature and therefore, like to arrive at a solution for the problem quickly and with minimum discussions. You need to accept this nature of theirs and expect less discussions and more direct solutions for the problems in the house and in your relationship.

Looks Matter

Many females tend to get casual about their appearance after marriage. This is not right since for men, looks and presentation matter at all stages of their life. Therefore, make sure that you keep yourself well groomed and looking pretty at all times.

Use Your Secret Weapon Smartly

For females ,their feminine power is the biggest weapon. All men get attracted to it and are defenseless against it. Therefore, whenever you want him to do something for you, instead of arguing with him about it, use this weapon of yours and lure him into doing things just the way you want him to. 

Fulfill His Needs

All men have three very basic needs: food, sex and sleep. If you are able to fulfill all these three basic needs of your man, you can expect him to keep his commitment to you for entire life.


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