Immense importance Of Conversation In Marital relations 

Immense importance Of Conversation In Marital relations

The world is governed by its social order that has been established and refined since the times of civilizational development. Some of the most basic customs like marriage and parenting have served brilliantly to keep the eternities going robust. However, humans were delineated from rest of the life forms since times immemorial due to their emotional quotients. This attribute of theirs makes them superior and social animals so that they can respond towards the needs and desires of each other and thus ensure the survival and health of society; or more precisely, the family which is the fundamental unit of social strata. Communication serves as the vehicle of such responses and appeals. No wonder we have nurtured the most complex and improvised system of communicating with each other. This helps us to nourish the relations. 

Marriage and lack of communication

Sometimes, these emotional quotients in us get distorted either due to materials or ambitions or due to personal egos, all of which again are the ‘human alone’ attributes but of the negative connotations; at least in comparison to the parameters of sacrifice, tolerance, belongingness, charity and such! In most of the cases when the negative functions ride upon the individual(s), then the basic unit which is the family starts to suffer. Marriage could get out of track when the emotions are suppressed by the ego and worldly materials and desires. The fact is that in the current world both aspects have gone strong & spilling and there are clashes. Communication that has served to synergize the human world and society could again be the right choice for patching the discrepancies that are produced due to the spill overs of the negative functions of life and mind. A good conversation could bring back the marriage that is losing its identity or the family that is bickering apart. 

What actually communication does in marriage? 

Conversation is among the most potent types of communications among the humans. The human mind and heart is a dynamic one and always keeps brewing thoughts of relevance. These thoughts require a vent or passage to be aired and shared; so as to derive the conclusions, clarifications and feedbacks. A married life in which the couple has least of the conversation would fast loose its liveliness and buoyancy. And remember with no clarifications and feedbacks on your part, the misconceptions are allowed a free turf to run and capture the farthest of the territories in your marital life. The marriage starts to degrade as now instead of sharing the good thoughts, there is an additional burden of relieving of oneself from the ‘misconceptions’ – some that you may not even know! This is the retrograde motion of the marriage relation. Make the resurrections at the earliest so that there are no additional unwarranted burdens waiting for you; after all it is your relationship!

Keep the conversation alive and going always!

The fact is that relationships are very delicate and need to be nurtured all the time. A small gap could develop into a wide one and may bring the marriage into the doldrums. Never allow this aberration to emerge potent and keep the happiness alive through conversation! 


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