Impact of Western Culture on Indian Marriage 

Impact of Western Culture on Indian Marriage

Indian marriages are well known for their vibrant, rich and superior looks. The Indian wedding ceremonies are serious and ritual affairs than any other marriages are being performed in world. India has incredible diversity of cultures from North to South and in North-East; nearly each and every state has their own culture. In India most of the religions consider marriage as a ritual knot. Wedding ceremony in India could be of any religion, but it is a good blend and beautiful exposure of love, emotions, values, tradition and celebrations. Actually this is not only an event, but also a fusion of two different souls.

However Indian culture is an oldest, unique and richest one. But it has some serious threat of western culture which is making its base in India and demolishing Indian culture. In Metros people have started adopting western culture and have changed their life style. And now it is moving toward rural part of the country. Western cultures have great impact on our customs, traditions, and on love & respects which we have for others. Nowadays, the idea of joint family is passing off and every one want to be in a nuclear family which is an impact of western culture. Marriages are breaking because our patience and tolerance have been vent-off.

Dating Concept:

Dating is the relationship between a man and women who had no marriage, they do gossip, walk, dinner, etc. to know about each other. It is to reveal love for each other who is going to be wife or husband later. But it has side effects of having sexual relationship and exploiting onward. That’s why the conservative families prohibit this dating concept and few people do dating for having fun and not intend to be serious about relationship.

Live-in Relationship:

In this kind of relationship, unmarried couple make an arrangement of living together which resembles as they are married. They want to check their compatibility before they become committed. And in this period they will sexually and practically know each other. If they live happily, they will get married. In it divorce rates are much than a marriage. It is nothing more than a physical relationship where, you could leave at any stage and it sometime cause an unwanted pregnancy.

Our Indian societies which have rich traditional and cultural values can’t tolerate this western culture. But with growing economy, technology and globalization, live-in-relationship has been legalized.


Few Decades back in India, divorce rate were less i.e. (5 %) as compared to other countries. But with urbanization this rate has shooted up because of ego clashes. As wife also earns bread and butter for the family, so why to bear abuses. However, in rural areas divorce rates are less as compared to urban areas. Marriage and family are the two pillars of the society and traditionally in India marriage was consider as a sacred relationship. Once the husband and wife tied in knot of marriage, till death they can’t be apart and it turns into eternal relationship. 

However, western culture is wide & broad and teaches us about self-dependence. But it doesn’t intend us that we should leave our culture and start following westerners. As India has a rich heritage of culture for which we should feel proud and we need it to  carry forward and educate our children also, who will be our country’s future.


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