Importance of Wedding Stage Decoration 

Importance of Wedding Stage Decoration

Wedding is the most important event of life, and it means ceremony that takes place when two people, couples get bounded or united in the unbreakable life time bond of marriage. A weeding is a once I lifetime event that usually takes place and vary place to place as per the religion, customs, culture and tradition and even country to country. These wedding ceremonies are waited in any family and celebrated like festivals and the most money spends on wedding decorations and specially the wedding stage decoration.

What is the importance of decorations in the wedding?

Planning a wedding is a daunting task. This is not a small event but starting from the dress to the suits, cars, ceremony events and other events to be successfully managed and organized smallest thing is not supposed to be neglected. In case of wedding ceremony the wedding theme ceremony is totally relied on the wedding decoration which ties up accordingly with the theme decided. Thus importance of wedding planning and decoration should never be overlooked. Decoration is one and only key that must be done for the occasion to embellish, spice up the mood and light up the day. Decorating a wedding is as important as lightening up any reception office and especially in India, the weddings are incomplete without beautiful wedding decoration which requires proper planning, coordination and the creative mind. 

Wedding stage decoration:

In India, all the wedding customs, decorations and other related traditions are carried out with great enthusiasm and embellishment because the more beautiful the decoration is, the more memorable the day becomes. Thus the basic demand of these events is to be impressive which is only possible if the arena has proper wedding decoration, especially the arena of couple, stage decoration (mandap, commonly used for wedding stage). The decoration of couple stage holds another great importance as that place of Jaimaal (where wedding vows are exchanged by the couple) and photography, which is considered the place of great sacred importance. 

Different styles of Wedding stage decoration:

  • Theme based stage decoration: This is the arena of mandap, sacred place. In this type the entire arena of stage is decorated in accordance with the decided theme that matches up with the wedding decoration. The theme decoration may consist of balloons, flowers and other decorative items chosen with common appropriate colours and style.

  • Traditional style: This type of top wedding decoration is usually followed by people who stay far away from India, and basic traditional based themes and designed are followed like decorations with flowers, candles, balloon, lamps, paper designers, etc.

  • Contemporary style: in this type of wedding decoration contemporary styles, light are used. The style is unique because of its amplified light and sound system. It generally includes beautiful coloured balloons, stars and different theme based decorations with flowers.

With the increase in demand and ideas, there are number of professions that make best efforts in order make top wedding decoration. In this type different of fabrics and flowers are used to enhance and embellish the event.


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