Important Health Suggestions for these Wedding Events 

Important Health Suggestions for these Wedding Events

The stress eating becomes the trend of brides as they have to ponder keenly on the subtle aspects of the shopping to every concerned thing. The temptations for the cheese loaded pizzas or the overly-indulgent rich chocolate desserts start blocking as the brides fear of gaining the weight and not fitting well into those party lehenga that you choose for your pre wedding celebration and the D-day. To help brides to stop binging on the junk and curb those late night carving, stay healthy and bloat free, maintain your weight, maintain and obtain healthy and glowing skin, some quick and smart tips on eating have been described over here.

1. Shopping for lehenga-    

That encouraging Bridal Lehenga Shopping

Objective: Is to not feel bloated and shop for your bridal lehenga feeling your natural self the way you would want to be on your wedding day. Totally avoid packed and processed restaurant food, rather choose home cooked meals. To prevent the bloating, consume low fat yogurt with berries. Cravings can be curbed by fermented food like as kimchi.

2. Gorgeous Bridal Lehenga Fittings    

Objective:  The major objective here lies in maintaining the weight that you carry and to prevent the major alterations. You are suggested to have the balanced meals with lean proteins, good carbohydrates and healthy fats. You should consume whole foods like as fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, chicken, avocados, oatmeal, and low fat dairy products.

Follow 5 Foods Rule: Which is a process of having full meal with 5 major ingredients – minus oil, herbs and spices

3. In case of Engagement Photo Shoot

Objective: The major purpose here is to have healthy and glowing skin that is rather camera ready.

To achieve your target, you should consume oranges, bell pepper, broccoli, tons of vitamin c to ensure healthy skin and tissues. For skin benefit, prefer foods like as salmon, sadines, walnuts, flaxseeds which offer omega -3s. the healthy fat sources like as olives, avocados, fatty fish- like as salmon, tuna, mackerel, coconut and whole eggs are indeed good for your skin, hair and nails to have natural and that camera ready glow. The water consumption must be handsome to keep yourself hydrated.
4. For Bachelorette Party

Objective: To eat well, keep yourself hydrated and detox well to bounce back from all the indulgence


Taking ample of water is mandatory before, after and during you go out. Take drinks that replace some of the alcohol with water, like as wine spritzer and take balanced meals with good protein source before night.


To stimulate the digestive system, squeeze lemon in big glass of water. Omelets can be preferred in case wanna have filling and complete breakfast. Go green like as veggie with eggs. The green naturally detoxify your liver, blood and the respiratory system. Avocados or olive oil can be added to maximize nutrient absorption. Add salad for lunch or the dinner.

5. Diet during Pre-Wedding and Wedding Day

Main objective- the main objective here is to have sufficient water and carry emergency pack with you all the times. Stick to your breakfast, like toast with peanut butter, eggs or smoothie. Stay bloat free to look and feel gorgeous

Have a balanced diet of lean, grilled protein, brown rice and veggies which will sit well in your stomach.
6. Other key things to keep in mind:

- Chew your meals

- Say no to crash diets

- Try the 2-minute test: Curb your cravings by giving your hunger pangs 2 minute avoidance test this will take your mind off the current rush for consuming that last pizza slice or the frosting off your delicious cake bridal shower cake

- Exercise


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