Important Pre Wedding Questionnaire You Did Not Know You Had To Ask 

Important Pre Wedding Questionnaire You Did Not Know You Had To Ask

There are many big and small things that are involved in the planning of a wedding. No matter how careful one is, you would end up missing out on planning some detail about the wedding, which in the end can cause major problems for you. In order to ensure that the wedding ceremony goes ahead in the most perfect manner, the bride and the groom, try to concentrate on not just the big and important aspects of the wedding, but they also pay close attention to the very small, and seemingly unimportant details of the wedding as well. 

Some of the important questions about the planning of a wedding, which you had not considered asking before, but which are extremely important, have been discussed below:

Travel Plans of the Wedding Party To The Wedding Venue

While the local wedding guests would be able to reach the wedding venue through their own private conveyance, the wedding guests who are coming from out of station, and who are completely dependent on you, would need to be provided with proper conveyance, which they can use for reaching the wedding venue. The bride and the groom generally concentrate on making proper arrangements for the stay of the guests and their comfort during the wedding ceremony, but forget to plan how these guests would reach the wedding venue. Therefore, this is an important question which needs to be asked and answered, in order to make the wedding plans perfect. 

What to Do With the Engagement Ring

Everyone knows that during the wedding ceremony, the engagement ring is taken off the finger of the bride and the groom then places the wedding ring in place of the engagement ring. But have you ever considered, once the engagement ring is taken off, where does the bride keep it? The bride does not carry a purse with herself and therefore, she would need to depute a bridesmaid for the job, who would take the ring from the bride, and keep it with herself safely, till after the ceremony, when the bride is able to take back the ring from her. However, most of the brides, forget to plan for this aspect of the wedding and end up causing confusion during the wedding ceremony. 

Which Side of the Groom Does the Bride Stand On?

The bride gracefully walks down the aisle and takes her position next to the groom and then the wedding ceremony begins. But, one moment please, exactly which side of the groom is the bride supposed to stand on, the left or the right? Can the bride take any side which she wants or do traditions and rituals demand that she stand on a particular side of the groom? These are some questions, which are not given much importance, but the knowledge of which can help in avoiding any sort of confusion during the wedding ceremony.

There are many other similar small, insignificant details about the wedding, which, if planned properly, can help in making your wedding ceremony look perfectly planned and very well executed. 


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