Important Significance of Wearing Mangalsutra 

Important Significance of Wearing Mangalsutra

After marriage your status has changed, you are no more a single girl or single lady, but now a wife, a married lady. You are bound to do certain things throughout the life to indicate that you are married. These things may be applying sindoor, wearing mangalsutra, toe rings, bangles or chura, Nose ring etc. Here are few important facts about the mangalsutra worn by married ladies. 

What is Mangalsutra? 

During wedding, the groom ties an auspicious thread around the neck of his wife. This is the mangalsutra. The bride is supposed to wear this sacred thread during the lifetime of his husband. She is not expected to remove it. This keeps her bind with her husband forever and it is removed only when she becomes widow (her husband dies). You can be easily identified as a married lady when you wear mangalsutra. 

Scientific Aspects of Mangalsutra

The sacred mangalsutra has not the religious or emotional aspects. It is has been adopted and made a tradition because, it has scientific aspects too. The holy thread made of gold has the effect of regularising blood circulation of the women body. At the same time, it also keeps the blood pressure normal. Our ancient scholars have advised to keep the mangalsutra hidden. The reason behind it is to keep the gold in constant touch with skin of the human body for the purpose of maximum benefits.

An Essential Ornament

Besides various ornaments worn by a married lady, the mangalsutra is also worn by her to make her complete her marital status. It is the one gift given by her husband; she keeps with her all the times.

An Emotional Bonding 

The mangalsutra is the symbol of love, being in wedlock. It is one the various symbols that is exhibited by women of almost all regions of India. The name may differ according to language and locality but the item and feeling in the heart remains same. 

You wear the mangalsutra to mark your dignity and spiritual union with your husband. Remember, you marriage is not only attended by the human being but the various deities too. You may not negate this emotional bonding with your husband at any moment of life. The divine power and divine care is always with you, when you wear this sacred thread. The evil powers and evil eyes will scare even thinking about you.

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