Important Things A Soon-To-Be Bride Must Know  

Important Things A Soon-To-Be Bride Must Know

The nervousness after wedding is a very common phenomenon where the bride mainly has to become the centre of attraction and the entire groom family want the bride to cook food for them. The heavy dresses wearied, coupled with the poor cooking skills increase the tension of the newlywed brides. 

To impress the in-laws, its mandatory to learn each and every step starting from the entry into the in-laws family, to the cooking for them, the brides are realized to be highly responsible. Here are given few tips to understand the requirement and to have the flawless entry. So, we have prepared a short guide that will tell you all the things you need to learn before you enter your new household
#1. Seeking Ashirwad (blessings)

Whenever, you meet with or are introduced with any elder member of the family, you must touch their feet to seek their valuable blessings. At the same time you must be careful about the saree pallu. To avoid any kind of embarrassment, you must tie your saree paluu at proper place so that it does not fall off. 

Some elders expect the newly-wedded bride to cover her head while taking ashirwad. While you may not believe in this custom; you still would not hurt their sentiments. So, just cover your head for a while to make them happy. 

#2. Griha Pravesh (entering the new home)

As a common Indian ritual, you are supposed to be welcomed by the mother- in-law with Aarti. You must enter with your right foot first.  Whether you are stepping in a tray of kumkum ( vermillion) or toppling the kalash (pot) filled with rice , right foot comes first.  

To make your entering ceremony more comfortable, and to run it smoothly, take off your heels beforehand and wear some comfortable slip-ones. As you would not want to struggle with removing your sandals at the doorsteps As your mom-in-law waits with the puja ki thalli.
#3. Morning prayers and routine

India is a traditional country and in india, most of the families are accompanied by starting of their daily ritual with pooja and the Aarties to please the God. If you are not too religious, then even you are supposed to accompany them rather offending them with your aloofness. So brush up your memory with few Aarties and follow the tradition of your in-laws family

Other than this, it is generally a good idea to get up early in the morning, take a bath, and then help your mom-in-law with the day


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