Important Things to take into Consideration while Choosing Shoes, or getting your Gown Stitched 

Important Things to take into Consideration while Choosing Shoes, or getting your Gown Stitched

Choosing the right pair of shoes for the right wedding gown is a perfect idea because it is the wedding day which you have waited for all your young life. You would definitely want to look smart, stylish and cute on that day. Here we bring the five important things to watch out for when you choose wedding shoes and wedding gowns. Keep these things running in the back of your mind while choosing the right outfit to match your style, to make your dream day a reality of happiness.

Don’t hesitate to spend more on wedding shoes – choose quality shoes to attract people

Often what happens in a wedding plan is that people decide to compromise on certain costly items and they would preferably choose to be groom shoes, Bridal Shoes or bridesmaid shoes. Don’t do that.Rather not only spend quality time,but also cost in selecting the best shoes for everyone to make the wedding feel amazing. Select the design of your choice with a mix of traditional and fashionable outlooks.

Select the right shoe style – we suggest not going for high heel shoes

Always remember wedding is an occasion of meeting many people and an occasion of doing plenty of things in the formal dresscode. Yes you would be walking a lot; greeting lot of people, taking hundreds of photographs, dancing with your partner and what is more, you will be not sitting and walking a lot. Hence select the right pair of Bridal Shoes which fits your style and comfort. We would suggest you not to take very high heel shoes and sometime your wedding gowns dress might also get caught in the shoe which would cause serious repercussions among others.

Match everyone’s shoes to their dress to match the occasion theme

Wedding is once in a lifetime activity and make sure that you match everyone according to the theme of the wedding. Then only the photographs look aligned and neat. After spending money on designer wedding gowns, groom mother dresses, designer bridesmaid dresses, would you want to lose the style because of shoes. Think about it. You’re planning for garden wedding then plan the outfit accordingly. The other important thing to notice is that shoes need to match with fabric colour of the wedding gowns.

Make sure that your dressing measurements are right

Always remember that whether you’re choosing to wear high heel shoes or flat shoes, the size of dress needs to be given exact depending on your shoe height. Make sure that the measurements are taken tightly and accurately with due precision for wedding gowns and dress and plan for stitching or purchase in advance to avoid last end troubles.

Rehearsal of walking in your shoes – can really help you in the wedding day

Last but not least, rehearsal, rehearsal and rehearsal of walking with your new shoes is the most recommendable to make you feel comfortable on the great day. By doing this the shoe gets little bit worn into your legs and would look fit for your feet. The best practice you undertake is that more dashing you look with your stylish walk.


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