Important Wedding Helpers and Their Duties 

Important Wedding Helpers and Their Duties

There is a lot of work that goes into planning a perfect wedding. From the day the date of the wedding is fixed, till the day after the wedding ceremonies get completed, everyday there is a huge amount of work that has to be done. It is not possible for any single person to take charge of all the work and complete it on time and in the best possible manner. Therefore assigning helpers, amongst the bride and the groom’s family and friends, to help with the various wedding duties becomes important. 

Some of the most important helpers, without whom a perfect wedding can just never be planned, and their duties have been discussed below:

Caretakers For The Guests

Wedding guests, especially from the groom’s side, can be quite demanding. If their wishes are not fulfilled, they can easily get angry and create a scene at the wedding. Besides this, receiving of the guests on a timely basis, allotting them proper rooms to settle down in, making sure they are aware of the timings and venues of the various wedding rituals, etc. all need to be properly planned and at least one dedicated person taking care of the guests alone. If the bride’s parents or the groom’s parents get busy in attending to the guests, all the other wedding ceremonies can get neglected. Therefore, someone from amongst the family or friends has to be allotted for the job of taking care of all the guests. 

Co-Coordinator For Various Wedding Activities

Along with the main wedding rituals, there are many other activities that form a part of a wedding, like getting all the guests on the dance floor, etc. You need to make sure that this job of ensuring that all the activities in a wedding be it those related tom wedding rituals or fun activities are all properly conducted. For this you would need to make one person responsible for making all the necessary arrangements for conducting these wedding activities in a proper fashion. 

Property Guardians

During the wedding, everyone carries a lot of expensive stuff on themselves. The females tend to wear heavy jewelry, carry expensive purses and other accessories, high value gifts are exchanged between the families of the bride and the groom, etc. It is important that someone at the wedding makes sure that no one leaves behind any of their expensive stuff. Technically, everyone is supposed to take care of their own belongings at a wedding, but as a host, it does look bad for you, if any of your guests loses something important at the wedding. Besides, you do not want anyone to go back home with bad memories of the wedding. Therefore, you allot not one, but two people to be on a constant watch out for stuff which people may have left behind after the wedding. 


There would be too many children present at the wedding and if you want their parents to participate in the wedding ceremonies, you need to arrange for a responsible nanny, who can look after their kids, while the parents are busy with various wedding activities. 


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