In-Laws Living with Them and Still Loving Them 

In-Laws Living with Them and Still Loving Them

In modern times, the joint family system is thing of past. The children don’t find grandparents living with them. Their time is spent in school, tuitions, computer games and TV. Only a little time, they spend their parents too. Same is the working spouses. They spend all the time at their work and their own families. But, there comes circumstances when the in laws stay with them. This situation becomes crucial when some conflict arises. Here are a few suggestions that would help you in staying with in laws and still loving them. 

Pay Due Respect

You know, your in laws will be very happy if they come to know that you love and take care of your partner in the best possible manner. Paying a genuine respect by way of smiles, hugs and small gestures bring your in laws much closer to your family. 

Care for Your Marriage

Look at the physical aspect of your marriage too. Take out some time and spend with your spouse. It you are not able to take out time due to your busy schedule; let your partner understand that. At all the costs don’t let the spark of romance diminish. 

Discuss About Expectations 

It is quite natural that you are expecting something from your in laws and they also too have some expectations from you. You will be able to meet those expectations when you come to know and they are under your limitations. So, have doubtless discussion and let them know clearly if you are unable to meet some expectations. It is one of the best ways to deal with them. 

Have a Date with Your Spouse

Even if you are living with in laws in an extended family, don’t forget your spouse. You may feel scarcity of time for each other due to various reasons. It is advised that you take out time for both of you once in week, fortnight or at least once in month and take your spouse on date. You may allow the in laws to spend to spend time with kids enhancing their happiness and spicing up the relationships. 

Maintain the Spiritual Health 

One of the best ways of dealing with in laws is to keep them spiritually engaged. Don’t let them be in isolation at the time of family prayers. Do engage them and let your children also learn the traditions. Let your father-in-law pick up the children from school and mother-in-law cook the food of children’s choice. Ask the suggestions of in various matters; even you don’t follow them strictly. Let them know your strength and worth in most pleasant ways. When your in laws wish to discipline their child in front of you, don’t get dishearten, sometimes it may for fun and extra ordinary love of parents towards their child which never accept that the children are matured. Don’t indulge in arguments with them. Reap out as much benefits that you may reap of their experience and age. Make the marriage relationship better, you may utilize them in later life.   


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