Including Hot Chocolate in Your Wedding 

Including Hot Chocolate in Your Wedding

Your wedding is once is lifetime affair. Don’t leave anything that you desired or wished while attending the wedding of someone else. You may have several ideas to make the day special. Here is an effort to give some ideas about including hot chocolate in your wedding. 

Use of Chocolate in Cake

You definitely cut the wedding cake; when you will add hot chocolates over a cake, the taste and joy will be multiplied many folds. Your newlywed wife will also like this idea and she will feel proud of husband like you. The chocolate may be used to beautify the wedding cake and making the various designs. 

A Must for Winter Wedding

When everybody is feeling cold and shivering, the hot chocolate from your hand in the mouth of your bride will make everlasting impression and the happiness will be seen on your face. The guests will also remember the taste of chocolates for long time. The chocolate will serve the dual purpose of entertainment as well as a sweet treat. The guests will enjoy the ceremony with the chocolates bar also. 

Use of Chocolate in Drinks

The hot chocolates are used extensively in drinks in marriage functions. You may ask your wedding planner to provide Nutella Melt cocktails. The virgin version of chocolate drinks can be served for the kid. But for the grown-up people a touch of hazelnut or peppermint liquor with chocolates may be given. 

Use of Chocolate Mini Cakes

The buttercream-frosted wedding cakes are no longer in use in modern times. Now, the people choose unique flavours, sizes and shapes of the cake. Now the big size wedding cakes are also replaced by the small or mini size cakes for every person available in the ceremony. The cakes available with all the persons are proto-type of cakes available with the couple getting married. The adding of chocolates with each cake is really a good dish for the guests. 

As an Alternative for Sweet

You serve the cake to the guests. If you serve them with unique and ethnic sweetener like churros and chocolates, you will be really appreciated for your nice wedding planning. Your guests will say “wow” when they will dip the delicious pastry in hot chocolate syrup. It will provide them a relief in cold nights. The hot chocolates may also act as replacement for hot coffee or hot tea. 

Thus, a small twist to ideas brings big results. Discuss all your ideas with your friends while making a plan (of arrangements) of marriage. Listen their ideas also. Finally, prepare your final list and ask your wedding planner to arrange the things or items of your choice during your wedding. You all the ideas may not be costly, some ideas will be making the arrangements in easy and affordable budget. Don’t shy away from try new things. You will be liked by your friends and guest for practicing new things and adding new flavour to your wedding. 


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