Incorporate Pizza into Your Wedding - Feel Cheesy 

Incorporate Pizza into Your Wedding - Feel Cheesy

Adding a slice of cheesy pizza to your wedding day would be a good idea as gulping down the pizza is one of life’s greatest pleasures for everybody. If you have heard of a couple including a pizza into their wedding ceremony, then you can also enjoy doing it into your own wedding. This would be a unique thing to be added in your wedding catering plan. A great wedding incorporating this pizza can be a creative idea. One doesn’t need to put all pizza items on the wedding menu. One can send one’s guests home with personal pizza wrapped in a nice bow. This would be a great thank you gift for the guests as they have participated in the most special occasion of your life. 

  • Meal on Wheels:
The wedding food truck is fun way to distribute pizza slices to guests. One will save time and money on dishes washing by this type of catering on the wedding day. A pizza truck at the wedding venue will be a practical thing to keep one’s guests satisfied and full. It could be a great outdoor wedding option. Pizza could be the perfect food item. It's delicious and comforting as also keeps guests happy and full. One can find a caterer that hitches a truck with a wood-fired oven to the back which rolls up to event, and prepares some of the most delicious pizza one has ever tasted. 

The Kid-friendly Reception:
It can be a make your own pizza option by involving the younger guests by allowing them to try their hand at the dough-rolling station which will be fun to do as your young guests will be preparing their own flavour of pizza with the guidance from the experts. It will be an entertainment in itself for everybody as well. This will also have an option of involving older guests in case they too want a little fun. 

  • The Late-Night Snack:
One can bring pizza to the after party and serve it under heat lamps if one doesn’t want to serve pizza at the reception. The pizza eating can be done when all remain overnight for the late party. Also, for all those liquors which are taken by guests, the crispy pizza would be an excellent snack for serving them while they enjoy the nonstop party at the wedding venue. For the custom designed wood fired stone oven, the authentic wood fired pizza could be considered. For a buffet style serving for the group of people, the pizza is the perfect solution for a reception catering which is easy as the hand held food. It gives you several authentic flavour combinations and variety of options for fussy eaters. With the wood fired oven and your own pizza maker, it adds such a theatre on wedding day, so that the bride and groom could cherish it. 

The pizza wedding would be so much fun and it will be an informal wedding catering function where guest can mingle with one another while having their heart’s content.


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