Incorporate Vintage Pieces in Your Wedding Arrangements 

Incorporate Vintage Pieces in Your Wedding Arrangements

Flower arrangements are an important part of any and every wedding. Be it the bridal bouquet or the centrepieces, flowers are a part of every aspect of a wedding. Most of the decorators and florists you have a discussion with generally concentrate on the colour scheme and types of flowers that they would be using for the wedding. However, the vases in which these flowers would be arranged or the ribbons with which the bouquets would be tied with and many other similar accessories that are needed for these wedding floral arrangements, tend to get overlooked, and in the end you realize that because of compromise in these aspects, the entire look of the wedding got spoiled. 

One of the latest trends in this regard is that many brides and grooms provide pieces from their own vintage collection for being used as the base for the floral decorations at their weddings. There are many reasons because of which people are opting to provide their personal items for being used for the above purposes.

Why Use Vintage Items

The vintage items that are generally used for this purpose have a special meaning or an emotional value for the bride or the groom. As a result of this, when they are used in some important aspect of the wedding, like becoming a part of the bridal bouquet, it adds a personal touch to the entire wedding arrangements. These vintage pieces have been carried down ages in families and therefore, when the elders in the family see the young couple using these old items, it makes them happy and they feel that their feelings still matter to the younger generation. Overall, the history of these vintage pieces increases the character of the wedding to an all new height. 

However, if you are not sure what and which vintage item in your house can be used in your wedding and to what use can the same be put you, below, we present you with certain tips, which will help you in making the right choices and decisions in this regard:

Vintage Vessels

If you have a beautiful collection of vintage vessels present in your home, you must immediately take it out, show it to your florist and decorator. They would surely be able to find some really good use of the same in your wedding. From being used at the wedding altar to many other uses, these vintage vases can be put to numerous uses. 

Vintage Ribbon

Brides are anyways searching for different types and styles of ribbons to tie their bridal bouquet with, in order to make it look really special. If you possess a vintage ribbon, then you can use it to give your bouquet the best look ever. In fact, this ribbon, if blue in colour, can turn old to be your something old and blue for the wedding. 

Mix And Match

It is not important that your vintage pieces should match with the rest of the decorations. In fact, it would be better if they stand out and become the topic for conversation at the wedding. Hence, allow you decorator to mix them with the rest of the normal decorations. 


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