Indian Bridal Clutches In Vogue 

Indian Bridal Clutches In Vogue

Being a bride, you need to be dressed best on the day of her wedding. At the same time, you have to keep in mind that nobody is over-shadowing you. This is not related for the day of marriage but to other rituals, functions and days also. In present times you are not required to wear heavily embroidered dresses all the times and wear the gold or diamond jewellery, but you are required to reveal your personality at all the times. Here are a few suggestions that you may find very useful.  

Necessity of Clutches

You must keep in mind that apart from wedding dresses, the accessories also change your looks to a great extent. It makes you unique and different. If you look in history, you will remember that clutches were assumed charming and were seen in abundance in the 1970s. These did not shade its charm and once again these have received prominence in recent times. To make your elegant look, you may have it on your big day.

Select with Caution

There are plenty of designs available in the market. All are good and made for being sold, but you need to select the one according to your personality. Your belonging that day will say many things about you. For example, if you are an extrovert; you would choose a slightly bigger clutch. See that it is nicely crafted, add sparkles to your getup and makes you the centre piece. 

Buy Different Clutches for Different Occasions

If you wish to have only one clutch as a newlywed bride, you are wrong. On the other hand, you may have different clutches for different occasions. For example, to attend a dinner party hosted by friend of your husband, you may have a nice, solid-coloured clutch with least designs. But for honeymoon, you may have a cute and bright coloured clutch. Always bear in mind that when you are buying a clutch for outgoing purpose, it must have compartments for keeping your phone, cards, etc. 

According to your choice, you may buy a drawstring clutch bag, box clutch bag, embellished clutch bag, quirky shaped clutch bag, envelope clutch bag etc. 

Know to Wear Clutch for Elegant Look

Buying the perfect clutch is not everything. You need to wear along with your wedding dress so that it makes you look the best in your wedding photography. Whether you are wearing a saree or lehenga-choli; if you know the art of wearing a clutch, you will be unmatched surely. Though you have chosen the right clutch according to your stature, choice of colour, that suits your apparel but you may not get the time to handle that in your own way on the big day, because you will be busy in wedding rituals too. So, for your comfort and elegance, you may choose for fabric string or rope string clutch and hang that on your shoulder so that it does not create a foul with your hairs. You may avoid a clutch having metallic string.  


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