Indian Bridal Couture to Be Considered 

Indian Bridal Couture to Be Considered

The auspicious day of marriage is like dream events, which is the start of new life and accept different responsibilities. A girl changes into a married lady on that big day and so, she must be in the most beautiful appearance with best couture of costume as well as jewellery. Here are a few facts that you may use. 

How to Choose Best Couture

Indian society is full of culture and tradition. In selection of bridal couture these factors matter much. According to the trend of society, the bride may wear a lehenga or saree as wedding dress. The most important part is of embroidery. A lot of machinery work is available in stores in cheap prices, but if the choice is of unique only, then the selection must be made from the handmade embroidery. It is symbol of unique Indian tradition and your big heart. 

Mind Your Budget

It is not unusual for the guests to be judgmental regarding the appearance of the bride along with her status and family economic condition. But, it is matter of happiness as well as satisfaction that Indian dress designers have created unique pieces of bridal couture that can be afforded by any individual. You may take benefit of that. It is not necessary to go for only costly clothes that break your budget. Plan everything in your budget and be according to latest trend in wedding wear.  

Colour Matters

While in the western countries the colour white, being symbol of virginity, is chosen for bridal attire, but in countries like India, the most auspicious colour for bride is assumed is red. The variations in pink, maroon and yellow are also accepted. With the changing minds and times, it is not uncommon to see light cream saree with heavy red embroidery. It is suggested to buy the dress of colour that suits your skin. The other things that complement the bridal attire are jewellery, henna, makeup and dress style. All these combinations make your look perfect for wedding photography. 

Different Styles for Different Occasion 

Since the Indian wedding is not the one day affair, it starts from haldi ceremony and followed by mehandi, tilak, barat till arrival of bride at matrimonial home. So, on saree, lehenga or other dress will not serve the purpose. The bridal couture has to be different for each occasion. In all the rituals the bride is centre of attraction and see is expected to be unique


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