Indian Bridal Embroidery Designs for That Perfect Fashion 

Indian Bridal Embroidery Designs for That Perfect Fashion

When you see an Indian bride on the wedding day, you usually find her in wedding dress having unmatched and unique style of embroidery. It so happens that the unique embroidery makes the any clothe special and there are numerous varieties available in Indian since centuries. You may find various stories and facts related to Indian artisans who used to deliver unique pieces of embroidery for the emperors, queens and special personalities. The bride is the queen on the marriage day. She wears the elegant dresses as it is the special day, she meets the man of her dream and starts a new life with him. So, without any doubt she must look extra ordinary in all the respects and one way is to use ultimate embroidery on her clothes. 

Here is the brief introduction of embroidery that an Indian bride may use. 

Handmade Embroidery

It is also known as heavy embroidery and made by hand. The artisans use their mind as well as soul in delivering such pieces and it is undoubtedly unique. Obviously, these pieces are slightly costly. But, if you budget allows, you may select the wedding dresses such as saree, lehenga or salwar kameez made with use of handmade embroidery. This type of embroidery is based on tradition.  

Sequin Embroidery

If you like to go with latest fashion trends, you may certainly use plush fabric, green pattern, fabric bronze, spangle knitting, lace fabric, polyester mesh fabric, flowers design etc. of sequin embroidery for your bridal wear.

Zardozi Aari Embroidery 

For your normal budget and expenses, you may choose Zardozi Aari Embroidery. It is considered best for middle income group of people. It is made with use of imperial metal embroidery, salma-sitaras, glass beads, sequins etc. 

Machine Made Embroidery

With a rational look and thinking, you may seek a machine made embroidery for your wedding dress. Be sure, it will make you extra charming as well as beautiful. Example of such embroidery designs can be heirloom, floral, vintage etc. This will be cheaper than the handmade embroidery and easier to handle. These are made with latest technology and use of computers. The wedding dress designers invest a great deal of mind in creating new concepts. 

Where to Find the Best Bridal Embroidery

Whether the bride is wearing any sort of dress such as saree, lehenga or salwar kameez, gown etc. on the day of her wedding, the embroidery is necessarily found on her outfit. Many wedding dress designers have opened their outlets and the best dress can be selected from there. Apart from this, there are various stores available in the markets that have complete range of selections and shopping can be done from there. If none of these, suits the best dress can be ordered online. There are the facilities of ordering online and giving your measurements along with orders so the best dress is delivered at your door step. The selection of colour, type of embroidery etc. can be decided in advance and obtained before the big day. 


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